7 Best RC Motorcycles: The Best Models On The Market

Whether you are a child or an adult, if you have ever played with a remote control vehicle, then you know the absolute joy that it can bring. Both remote control cars and remote control helicopters are easily one of the best toys that anyone can fall in love with.

But have you ever played with a remote control motorcycle? If you haven’t, then you simply do not know what you are missing out on.

In today’s article, we are going to take a look at some of the best remote control motorcycles you can shop for. The motorcycles on our list are ones that make for great gifts for both adults and children alike.

If you’re looking for the best RC motorcycle, you may have quite a task ahead of you. While there are many types of remote control vehicles available, we can all agree that the thrill of driving any kind of motorcycle beats pretty much anything else and RC motorcycles are no different.

The best RC motorcycle has great speed, balance, maneuverability, and looks. There are a lot of choices in remote control motorcycles.

So it’s best to study the pros and cons of each and make sure you’re buying the one that’s right for you. Whether you’re buying one for your kids or the kid in you, you need to understand what’s good and bad about the bike you’re considering.

So before you make a purchase you regret, be sure to check out the best RC motorcycles.

7 Best RC Motorcycles: The Best Models On The Market

What to Look for in an RC Motorcycle

Just like with a real motorcycle, you should check out the benefits and drawbacks of anything you are considering. While an RC motorcycle is not as massive an investment as a Harley, you still don’t want to waste your money.

The first step is determining what you want in your remote control bike.

The first question you should ask yourself is,” Will the battery last a while, or will it die almost as soon as I start using it?” An RC motorcycle is useless to you if it stops moving right away. Does it use traditional or rechargeable batteries?

How about range? Is it only going to go 40 feet away from you or can you trust it to move a decent distance? Durability? Can it take a beating or will it fall apart the first time you hit a sweet ramp and accidentally send it crashing into a wall? 

Looks? A lot of cheaper RC motorcycles look like something out of a terrible 1980s cartoon. Does it move on two, three, or four wheels?

Sometimes it’s worth it to throw a little money at something that looks nice, runs well, and won’t break easily. The most important question you should ask is what the best RC motorcycles are.

1. Top Race 4-Channel Motorcycle

The Top Race 4-Channel Motorcycle is an excellent choice at a great price if you are looking for an RC motorcycle. This motorcycle may seem simple, but this 1:10 scale machine is made from high-quality materials and won’t break easily when you inevitably crash it into a wall.

Thanks to its gyroscope feature, it handles smoothly and will ride on two wheels without any additional help.

While it’s not very fast, you’ll be happy to know that you can charge it with a USB cable. However, the charge time is a little long at 45 minutes. While it will handle best on flat surfaces, this bike will still perform on terrain that is a bit rough.

The bike is made from a combination of plastic and metal. Its tires are rubber so that it won’t skid out from under you on turns. It also has guide wires on both sides that will keep it from bottoming out on corners. That makes it a great choice for kids. Adults, however, may want something a little more serious.

For around $29.99, you can’t go wrong with this bike!

2. Maisto RC Harley Davidson XL

Everyone wants a Harley. They’re the biggest name in motorcycles. This impressive 1:7 scale bike has a basic design. But that’s not all that matters. Unlike the previous RC motorcycle we discussed, this one has two extra, smaller, wheels to keep it from falling over. It also features a mini stabilizer.

It may have an uninspired design, but it is solidly constructed from heavy-duty plastic and has rubber wheels. It’s meant for kids, so if you have a son or daughter who likes motorcycles, it’s a good addition to your collection.

Unfortunately, you may or may not feel the $59.99 price tag is justified.

3. Kyosho Radio Control Honda

So far we’ve seen RC motorcycles that are great for kids, but this one’s for you. The Kyosho Radio Control Honda NSR500 1:8 scale motorcycle is a bit pricey at $196.86. But who said fun is cheap?

This bike leans into turns like a champ and looks great doing it. The manufacturer made it from durable and quality parts. Additionally, the linkage system moves the rider, which has 13 articulated joints, from side to side as the bike is turning. Plus the bike has a suspension, which is pretty sweet.

It may cost you as much as a monthly payment on some real motorcycles, but it’s probably the closest thing you can get to a real one at such a small scale. It’s also highly customizable, with will make enthusiasts happy.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, you should buy this RC motorcycle.

4. Velocity Toys Speed Lighting RC Motorcycle

Kids absolutely love this machine. The Velocity Toys Speed Lighting RC Motorcycle features bright LED headlights, which is great if your kids like zooming around in the dark. It is two-wheel drive, so it doesn’t handle as well as you would hope.

This bike looks very nice for the price, with brightly-accented wheels and a rider. Speaking of the rider, he leans realistically into turns. This bike is hard to use at first, but it’s a great learning experience for kids who one day want to own a “big boy or girl” RC motorcycle.

For just $33.09, this is an excellent purchase if you want to get your kids into RC motorcycles.

5. Maisto R/C Cyklone 360 Police RC Motorcycle

This RC motorcycle looks and feels like something straight out of the future. The Maisto R/C Cyklone 360 Police RC Motorcycle is an impressive stunt motorcycle that will be a lot of fun for your kids or bring out the kid in you.

The rear wheels twist and turn, allowing you to execute impressive 360-degree spins and other fun stunts. Also, the Cyklone has LED lights that flash while it is in operation, which is sure to please the kids. The operation takes some getting used to, but what’s the point in going “extreme” if you’re not willing to put in a little work?

At only $29.99, this thing is a steal if you’re in the mood for a nontraditional RC motorcycle that will be a lot of fun.

6. Kyosho Casey Stoner Repsol Honda RC212V Moto GP Bike

Once again, we have a bike for you rather than the kids. The 1:8 Kyosho Casey Stoner Repsol Honda RC212V Moto GP Bike is a bit pricey at $116, but don’t let that stop you if you need to scratch that itch for a great RC bike.

This bike handles even deep turns like a dream thanks to its front and rear suspension systems as it zooms around. The E-gyro system helps it remain stable and enhances maneuverability even at high speeds.

What’s more, you can set the E-gyro to your skill level. This RC motorcycle features a USB charger and precision bearings.

It is solidly constructed and has gripping, rubber tires, so you don’t have to worry about sending it careening into oblivion. The one major drawback is that it performs best on smooth surfaces. Rough terrain is not this motorcycle’s friend.

While kids absolutely can use this, do you want to deprive yourself of something awesome? You work hard. You deserve it.

7. HAK142 MotoHawk Multi-functional RC Motorcycle

The HAK142 MotoHawk Multi-functional RC Motorcycle is an impressive machine for its price. This three-wheeled beast may not handle corners as well as some other models. But it has a long-lasting battery, giving you around 25 minutes of fun before you need to charge it.

However, it can take a few hours to charge.

This bike performs well on tile floors and carpet alike, though it doesn’t handle rougher terrain very well. You’ll love its anti-roll suspension, which will keep it upright. Plus it has headlights, which is pretty cool.

It’s slow, but it’s also $29.95, which is a decent price for what it is.

Its anti-roll suspension makes it great for indoor use. It’s also very durable, which is a huge perk if you have kids. Sure, it’s not the most advanced piece of machinery. But kids and adults alike will have a blast with it.

8. Xiangtat SKYRC SR5 RC Motorcycle

Got some money to blow? The 1:4 Xiangtat SKYRC SR5 RC Motorcycle is a great way to blow it if you love RC motorcycles. With a top speed of 36 miles per hour, this thing travels fast enough to earn you a speeding ticket in residential neighborhoods.

It is heavily customizable and durable, and it is amazingly stable even off-road. Its stability system keeps it upright even if it flips or lands on its side.

If you’re looking for something that is a lot of fun, this RC motorcycle is where you’ll find it. The only downside is the price, which is over $443.99. But once again, who said fun is cheap?

Which RC Motorcycle is the Best?

When it comes to weeding out through all the options in the RC motorcycle industry, the best remote control motorcycle is the one that best suits your needs. When you consider your needs, you are going to make the right purchase to have fun with. 

There are many choices in RC motorcycles, but the most important factor is which one will be the most fun for you. Whether you’re going off-road or merely driving around the living room, you want to make sure that your chosen RC motorcycle can handle everything you throw at it.

It’s difficult to say which RC motorcycle is the best. The Xiangtat SKYRC makes a strong showing, but you might find the price offputting no matter how cool it is.

The Top Race 4-channel is a good bike for the price, but may not be advanced enough for you. Ultimately, the answer comes down to which bike you like best for the price.

Of course, if you’re unsure, you could always buy a few. RC motorcycles can be addictive!

We hope that you have found our list of the best remote control motorcycles to be helpful and informative. Whether it is a birthday party, a holiday gift, or just a toy you want to purchase.

You simply cannot go wrong with investing in great remote control motorcycles like and the ones we have listed above. If you have any of the RC motorcycles we have listed above, let us know below in the comments section what you thought about it.

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