Are Hot Wheels Tracks Interchangeable? (Can You Combine Sets?)

If you are a Hot Wheels fan or you have recently purchased some Hot Wheels for some children in your life then you might be wondering whether all the tracks are interchangeable or not. 

Hot Wheels makes tons of different tracks and being able to use them all together would be an amazing thing but can you do it? 

Most Hot Wheels tracks are interchangeable, however, there are some tracks that are built with a slightly more narrow form that sometimes can hinder larger cars from passing through after they come out of the Hot Wheels garage or other specific accessories. 

This means that interchangeable tracks are only applicable to those that have versatile structures and that don’t have roofs or walls that will stop larger cars from going through them. 

One Hot Wheels exclusive called the Hot Wheels Spin Storm Playset is an example of an interchangeable track.

Featuring a single Hot Wheel vehicle, two launchers, and three different crash zones, the Hot Wheels Spin Storm Playset is versatile enough to connect with other model tracks from Hot Wheels. 

It can be done by simply building onto the set moving the tracks around. 

In the rest of this article I will cover some different Hot Wheels tracks that are interchangeable and will work well together. However, it’s important to remember if you have wider or taller cars then they might not fit well in some of these structures that the tracks go through. 

Best Interchangeable Hot Wheels Tracks

There are a variety of Hot Wheels tracks that you can use and build with by simply connecting them or making an entirely new design. 

Being able to connect and use all of these track sets interchangeably can bring tons of fun to your next racing session! 

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset

If you have enough space at home, then this Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset is perfect for your kids.

This highly recommended set offers an action track where players can outrun a chomping truck, an exciting tune-up shop and gas station, and imaginative and fun play zones. 

Apart from the chomping activities, the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset has one helicopter for quick moves, five Hot Wheel cars, a spiral ramp, elevators, and racing ramps.

If players would like to take a break for a while after continuous fun, the cars can just be parked in the space available where a total of 36 cars can fit.  

However, this set does seem quite pricey especially if a child is looking to buy it. Parents, on the other hand, report that because of all of the different pieces it’s well worth the cost. 

It provides many playing potentials for the kids and the whole assembly is totally straightforward and easy for kids to understand and assemble. 

Hot Wheels Spin Storm Track Set

Racing is naturally the main entertainment hub for Hot Wheels cars. However, the Hot Wheels Spin Storm Track will be the set that introduces a variety of adventures for all players.

Kids can now smash and crash cars to their hearts’ content as this set is purposely designed for.

To play with this set, kids will have to release at least one or two launchers and spin them around and around until they hit the three crash zones. 

A trap door awaits the launches and allows kids to connect with their imagination and creativity by only following their free-spiritedness.

A red flag of this model is that the set can be pretty noisy for parents and the rest of the house. They also use up many batteries a day, so it may not be practical for all families.

If you get this interchangeable set you will probably want to invest in rechargeable batteries too. 

Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Barrel Box

The Track Builder Stunt Barrel Box can easily lift your spirits as it can be a fun and exciting track set for all ages. It comes with many stunting elements, a launcher built into the lid, and six stacking barrels.

The barrels will be connected to lids, tracks, and each other to ensure a firm stunt building.

The Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Barrel Box can be broken down when it’s time to clean up from all of the action and store the parts in a box. 

It is a great solo set for kids who want to stick to one model, but this track can be more fun if you join it with other Hot Wheels sets.

Other purchasers have found that the set can be a little challenging for smaller children so if you have younger ones that’s something that’s important to know. 

All in all, this set is one of the most in-demand Hot Wheel track sets as it has its own storage solution. 

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set

Younger children who are fond of speed and car racing just found their match with this Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set.

This set comes with three motorized high-speed boosters to keep the movement consistently going. It also features loops and three crash zones which helps make it a fun track.

Kids will have a blast as they witness how cars whirl by passing through the different loops. 

The Hot Wheel Corkscrew Crash Track Set is interchangeable and can be easily connected to other model tracks to ramp up the adventure.

Easy and child-friendly to assemble, this set can easily be ready for play in just a few minutes. The Corkscrew Crash Track Set is highly recommended for children ages 5-9.

This set measures 4.2 x 24 x 15 inches. Kids can try the tracks with their older toy collections since they are interchangeable with any model. 

Hot Wheels Track Builder Straight Track

For Hot Wheels beginners, they should be first acquainted with a set that can perform all of the basics.

The Hot Wheels Track Builder Straight Track contains a car to help them get started, 18 connectors, and 15 feet of straight track.

After they’ve learned the basic fundamentals of playing with their new Hot Wheels, they can start to interchange the connectors and combine these with other sets to make the experience more fun and enjoyable. 

The Hot Wheels Track Builder Straight Track is suitable for kids ages 4-10.

Since it is a fun and versatile set, kids can experience the track adventure on a playroom floor, stairs, or any spot where they can comfortably race.

This set helps kids develop their knack for designing cool courses and learning how to connect all of the compatible tracks. 

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Giving this special set to your child on their birthday, holiday, etc. will be a present that’s hard to beat.

The Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set is a motorized type track that comes with 16 feet of track, one Hot Wheels vehicle, boosters, hairpin turns, and intersections.

Kids may take the fun to the next level and smash their vehicle into each other if they choose. Kids can also make their vehicles meet at the four tracks that intersect or try and keep them from hitting by spacing them out as well. 

The huge crash zone enables them to make the most of their playtime. Most kids will find this set fun and energizing as they can freely arrange the set according to their hearts’ desire and of course it will work with the other tracks mentioned above as well. 


Hot Wheels tracks become more fun when its connectors are interchangeable with other tracks from different models and sets.

Fortunately, almost all Hot Wheels Track sets are compatible, maneuverable, and able to be added onto with additional tracks as you choose. .

This allows children to express their creativity and problem-solving techniques while playing and combining these tracks into one massive set. 

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