Do All Hot Wheels Tracks Connect? (Are They Interchangeable?)

When it comes to Hot Wheels tracks, kids love to build different layouts to try and test their cars on it. 

Nowadays, most of them prefer using track builder packs so that they can easily interconnect different types of tracks.

However if someone has a bunch of different tracks that are all made by Hot Wheels the question remains of whether they will all work together or not.

Unfortunately, not all Hot Wheels tracks will connect with each other. Most straight tracks are interchangeable but some of the curves, loops, or other special track pieces won’t work with all of the tracks. 

This is especially true if you have Hot Wheels tracks that are from the 80s and 90s and are trying to connect them with new tracks that were made within the last couple of years. 

On the brighter side, there are many other track layouts and sets which are completely interchangeable. If you have these types of tracks, you can connect them with other tracks to create a large and more challenging layout to race your Hot Wheels on. 

If you want to know more about interchangeable Hot Wheels tracks, follow this guide. 

We will discuss different Hot Wheel track sets and packs which connect with one another.

Interchangeable Hot Wheels Tracks

As the name suggests, it is a type of Hot Wheels track that connects with various other tracks. Most of the Hot Wheels tracks have specific layouts that consist of separate segments, parts, boosters, and other accessories.

Because one layout is not the same as the other, you can’t use it all together all of the time. However, even though the track levels and parts are different, there might be some common levels and often these interchangeable parts can be used to make a track more exciting or longer. 

For example, if it is a circular loop track set, it might be different in layout and levels than a straight track set. However, if the loop track ends in a straight path, you can connect the straight track set with it.

This way, you can make the racing track more exciting and fun. 

Nowadays, kids love challenges. They don’t need a common track layout. Instead, they can try to make different types of track layouts by connecting one track with another and using the parts interchangeably.

Most of the time, straight tracks and loop sets easily connect with each other. However, curvy race tracks are often difficult to connect. 

You can try connecting it with the individual segments and part of the track, but often the pieces are designed to only work with each other. 

Hot Wheels Track Connectors

Hot Wheels track sets come in different parts and segments. When you purchase a track set, you can see all the parts that come with it. The information is given on the package.

In order to build the track, you need to connect individual segments and track parts with others. If it is a set, you can use the image given on the package to build your set.

However, if it is a builder pack you can use your own imagination and create your own custom layout. 

To connect the parts, you have to use connectors.

Connectors are a part of the track set along with straight track segments, curve segments, boosters and jump pieces, you will get connectors as well.

Sometimes, you can directly connect the segments, but other times, you might need connectors. These typically small blue pieces that connect one segment with another in order to complete the track.

If you misplace the original connectors that come in the track set, you can purchase replacement connectors as well. However, you need to purchase it as per the model number.

Not all connectors are compatible with all the tracks. 

So, you will need to check the model number and purchase replacement connectors accordingly. Apart from basic connectors, there are many others available in the market, like cross connectors, hinge connectors, etc.

Things to Consider Before Connecting Hot Wheels Tracks

If you are planning to connect different Hot Wheels tracks to build an exciting layout, you need to consider these factors.

Type Of Terrain

The first thing you need to consider is the type of terrain where you are going to build the layout and race your cars. It should be appropriate and compatible with the track type. For example, you cannot set up a straight track layout on the uneven surface of your backyard. You will need a mostly flat surface to build that. 

If you want to make a giant ramp then you will want a good size hill to start the ramp on. 

Size of Layout

Apart from that, you also need to take the size of the layout into consideration. For example, if you are connecting two extremely large track sets, you will need a lot more space. 

Type of Tracks

You need to check the type of track sets as well. Make sure the tracks are interchangeable, or else it will not connect with the other track.

Level of Skill

If you are purchasing tracks for your kids, you need to consider their skill level. It is best if you avoid complicated layouts for smaller kids but if your children are older then any track layout should work for them. 


Lastly, you need to make sure the tracks are safe to use. Make sure that the tracks can be installed properly without any safety issues.

Safety might seem a bit odd when talking about toy cars but you don’t want to launch the cars off a steep ramp into a window or near someone else so it definitely should be considered when building a track. 

Best Interchangeable Hot Wheels Tracks

Here are some track sets which are interchangeable. If you use these tracks, you can connect them with other track sets.

Track Builder Straight Track

This track set is perfect for beginners. It is one of the simplest and cheapest track sets which is interchangeable. You just need basic skills to connect it. 

It is a 15 feet track with 18 track pieces. You will also get a car with it. Another variant of this track is available in a 40 foot size.

Corkscrew Crash Track Set

If you want speed, this track is perfect for you. It comes with three loops and three crash zones. However, there are boosters that keep the cars running fast. 

The best thing about this set is that you can connect it with other tracks.

Super Ultimate Garage Set

This is a 3 feet tall track set where you can store your cars. You will get a jet plane and four cars with this set. There is an elevator, diner, car wash and many other things in the set. 

You will also get various connecting points to connect it with other tracks.

Track Builder Stunt Barrel Box

In this track set, you will get various barrels for making your car jump. It is perfect for stunt racing. 

You can use it solo as well as connect it with other tracks to make it more fun.

Spin Storm Track Set

This track set is perfect for crashing and smashing while racing the car. There are three crash zones on the track. It comes with a trap door from where you can connect it with other tracks if you wish. 

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