Do All Hot Wheels Cars Work On The Tracks?

Hot Wheels toy cars are made for their specific brand of tracks only although many people will try and use them on generic tracks. Even if you are using official Hot Wheels tracks you might be wondering if all of the different cars will all work on the same tracks. 

Since the Hot Wheels brand has a wide variety of products from different design cars, racetracks, play sets and model cars just to name a few, you might be wondering if they will all work on the same track. 

The standard Hot Wheels cars will all fit on a standard Hot Wheels track no matter what their design. However, there are some Hot Wheels (like their monster trucks) that require larger tracks for them to drive one. 

Hot Wheels makes a monster truck racetrack, and this product would require a monster truck scale model to work on the track. Hot Wheels also makes a smart track that is implemented into a digital version along with the track.

However, despite all standard Hot Wheel designs working fine on the standard tracks some will still work better than others. 

A heavier Hot Wheel car will go down the track at a faster speed than a smaller light Hot Wheel will. Also if you have any loops in your track than a top heavy Hot Wheel will be much more likely to fall off at the loop than a car with a more normal design. 

In the rest of this article I will go into more detail about specific tracks and whether they need to have special cars for them or not. 

Does The Hot Wheels Slot Car Track Use A Special Car?

The Hot Wheels slot car track is very similar to the standard track that many of the older generation grew up on and used to race their cars for generations. This track is always orange but the length/height of it can vary depending on which set that you buy. 

The slot car track set is typically 9 feet long and requires batteries to keep the cars moving. 

Each person will operate one car or one side of the track using a controller. The great thing about this controller is it has a turbo function so if the race is neck and neck, use that booster and dominate the race!

The slot cars for this track are actually different than regular Hot Wheels cars though. The track includes 2 cars, they differ in that they are electric! They even have working headlights, so a nighttime race is always an option.

This track is geared towards those who are ages 5 and up as there are small components to the track and it could be a choking hazard for children under 3. 

The track can have 2 players maximum but with more players tournament style races can be established.

Does The Hot Wheels Augmoto Augmented Reality Racing Track Use A Special Car?

The Hot Wheels Augmoto Augmented Reality Racing Track takes the standard Hot Wheels racetrack to a whole other level. The track is electric, battery powered, connects to smart devices and has pit stops on the track to charge the specialized cars.

A smart device such as a tablet or smartphone is the controller which adds onto it making it even more like a video game while you are playing virtually as well as with physical cars. 

The set includes 2 cars that are electric and the track itself that is 6 feet long. There is also a loop added to this track where the 2 electric cars can crossover each other.

This track is rated for ages 6 years old and up. The smart devices that are supported are the iPhone and iPad family along with most Android devices that are newer. 

The app intended for this track is free to download.

This track does not use the standard Hot Wheels cars due to the electric component and being controlled by a smart device. The track does require that it is plugged into an electrical outlet as well. 

Does The Hot Wheels Monster Truck Scorpion Sting Use A Special Car?

The Hot Wheels Monster Truck Scorpion Sting Raceway uses both Monster truck Hot Wheels and Standard Hot wheels cars if they are 1:64 models. This track is also approximately three and a half feet long.

The track has one banked turn but an opening that contains the scorpion. Using the mix of the monster trucks and standard Hot Wheels to break through the scorpion is the overall goal. The track contains one truck and one car, but more can be added if you wish. 

The age range for this track is ages 4 and up. Batteries are needed which control the scorpion and its movements as it attacks. The scorpion can be disabled for just a standard racetrack option as well if you choose. 

This model does not use any type of special car for playing with it but does require the models to be 1/64 scale.  It has a ton of potential for playing, competing and also imaginative play.

Does The Hot Wheels AI Street Racing Edition Racetrack Use A Special Car?

The Hot Wheels AI Street Racing Edition Racetrack is another example of the direction the Hot Wheels race tracks are moving towards. This track is a different style track, with interactive cars and remotes.

The track for this Hot Wheels set is thinner, wider and can be built onto for an endless track. The cars are R/C powered so AA batteries are required.

The AI smart cars that are included produce everyday car issues such as leaking oil and even engine problems. Extra cars can be added and up to 4 cars can race at a time when the controller is set up for what is called championship mode of play.

This track has a target age range of 8 years old and up. The cars can be upgraded through additional purchases such as changing the tires and even changing the body style.

This track does not enable digital play but as the racer progresses the cars adjust to that skill level.

The smart cars and R/C controller are the main functioning components to this racetrack but with the ability to build on to it the skill level of each racer can increase over time. With the starter track there are 30-40 different tracks that can be built so play can be virtually endless.


Mattel Hot Wheels has come a long way from their straight racetracks in orange that would snap if you bent them too far the wrong way!

Hot Wheels is taking a more technological direction with their products while still holding firm with their previous old school designs. They still make the Hot Wheels cars that we all have become accustomed to but are also adding electric cars, smart cars and battery-operated cars as well.

Each track is unique with some tracks having interchangeable cars and some tracks that require a specialized car. With the AI smart cars being able to adapt and change with the racer the future is happening today! 

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