The Speak Out Game: Everything You Need To Know And More

Odds are, you’ve heard a lot about the Speak Out game. It’s become one of the most popular new games in recent years. Several internet videos featuring the game have gone viral, and everyone seems to be talking about it. But does it live up to the hype?

This is a unique game, and you probably have a few questions about it. Is it safe? Is it appropriate for children? How do you clean it? And of course, is it really as fun as everyone says? These are some things you need to consider before buying the game.

The Speak Out Game: Everything You Need To Know And More

What Is the Speak Out Game?

The Speak Out game is a hilariously fun party game where players try to guess what their teammate is saying while wearing a face-distorting mouthpiece. It comes with 10 mouthpieces, a timer, and 200 double-sided cards. This helps to ensure you don’t run out of things to say.

The way it works is one player wears the mouthpiece while trying to say the phrases on each card. If his teammate guesses the phrase correctly, they earn that card.

Whichever team has the most cards at the end of the game wins. It’s a very simple premise, but it can lead to many hours’ worth of laughs with your friends and family.

Of course, this is a very unusual game. There are a few things you need to know before you try it for yourself.

Is Speak Out Fun?

The answer is a resounding yes. Not only does the mouthpiece make you look funny, but it also makes it almost impossible to pronounce words correctly. This can lead to all sorts of hilarious misunderstandings.

Many customers talk about the Speak Out game being an absolute hit at birthday parties, barbeques, and other family gatherings.

A large number of cards also helps with the replayability. It can get easier to guess the phrases if you happen to go through all the cards. However, this is very difficult to do. It shouldn’t be an issue unless you play the game constantly.

Is Speak Out Safe?

The Speak Out game isn’t necessarily dangerous. However, please note that the mouthpieces are extremely large. This is a recurring problem with the Speak Out game.

Multiple customers have complained about the mouthpieces being difficult to fit into their mouths and being extremely uncomfortable.

You might have to avoid this game if you’ve had previous issues with your gums or lips. If not, you should still expect to feel some discomfort. This is an unfortunate reality of the Speak Out game. Before playing, you should consider whether you and your friends are okay with a little discomfort.

Is Speak Out Appropriate For All Ages?

Unfortunately, no. Hasbro recommends the Speak Out game for ages 16 and up. The reason for this goes back to the size of the mouthpieces.

They’re a difficult fit for fully grown adults, and they’re virtually impossible for children.

That said, the humor is relatively clean. None of the phrases are off-color in any way. Still, it would’ve been nice if Hasbro had included different sizes so children can join in on the fun.

You’ll have to buy smaller mouthpieces on your own if you want to play with your kids. Otherwise, the Speak Out game is for adults only.

Speak Out Pros and Cons

The Speak Out game is an uproariously fun game that will leave your friends and family howling with laughter. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make it happen. Unfortunately, the size of the mouthpieces has been a recurring complaint among many customers.

Some people will simply find them too uncomfortable. Also, the Speak Out game is for adults only for this same reason. You’ll have to buy smaller mouthpieces separately if you want children to play.


  • It’s a ton of fun
  • It has lots of replayability
  • Mouthpieces are easy to clean


  • Mouthpieces are huge and uncomfortable
  • It’s recommended for ages 16 and up only

Speak Out Game Tips

Here are a few things you should try to get the most out of the Speak Out game.

Keep the mouthpieces clean

Obviously, hygiene is going to be an issue with a game like this. Luckily, the mouthpieces can be cleaned rather easily. All you have to do is hand wash them with soap and water. You can also boil them if you want to be extra safe.

Once they’re dry, you should store them in plastic bags. This will keep them clean and germ-free. Keep in mind the mouthpieces are not dishwasher safe.

Aside from this, cleanliness should not be a problem.

Make sure you use the Speak Out mouthpieces correctly

The mouthpieces are pretty simple, but they can seem confusing at first. Remember that the larger part goes in your mouth first.

It’s also recommended that you take the mouthpiece out after each use. Leaving the mouthpiece in for extended periods can be potentially harmful.

Also, it’s a good idea to have a few towels handy when you’re playing. With a game like this, you’re naturally going to have some drool.

Buy multiple mouthpieces

It’s always a good idea to buy some extra mouthpieces. Even though the game comes with ten mouthpieces, you never know when they might get lost. Also, having more mouthpieces means more people can play.

You might also want to buy some smaller mouthpieces in case you want to play with your children. Just make sure your child is old enough for this game. Otherwise, it could become a choking hazard.

We recommend playing this game with older children only.

How Does Speak Out Compare To Similar Games?

Of course, many other games are similar in style or have similar levels of popularity. How does the Speak Out game compare to these games?

Watch Ya Mouth

Watch Ya Mouth is very similar to the Speak Out game. The style and the rules are virtually identical. It comes with 143 phrases, a sand timer, and 10 mouthpieces.

The mouthpieces come in two different sizes. There are six medium-sized mouthpieces for adults and four small mouthpieces for children. Additionally, Watch Ya Mouth has multiple expansion packs available, including an Adult Edition and a 90’s Edition.

The makers recommend this game for ages eight and up.

Like the Speak Out game, customers have had a ton of fun with this game. In particular, they like that the mouthpieces are safe and that kids can play along with adults.

Unfortunately, the mouthpieces are also a lot flimsier than the ones you get with the Speak Out game. There have been multiple complaints about them breaking easily.

Also, the base game doesn’t come with as many cards. This means it doesn’t have the same level of replayability.

Pie Face

Like the Speak Out game, Pie Face is an incredibly popular game that has recently taken the world by storm. The rules are pretty simple.

Each player takes turns putting their face through the mask and spinning the spinner. Then, they turn the handle as many times as indicated. But you never know when you might get a face full of whipped cream.

The first to 25 points wins. This game comes with a pie thrower, a throwing arm, two handles, a sponge, a splash guard mask, a chin rest, and a spinner. Whipped cream is not included.

Hasbro recommends it for ages five and up.

Customers have had a lot of fun with this one. Kids especially love the possibility of getting pied in the face at any moment. However, a few customers have complained about the quality of the product.

The arm doesn’t have much spring to it, and it tends to break easily. Also, there’s not much skill involved in the game. This can lead to the novelty wearing off rather quickly.

Hearing Things

Like the Speak Out game, Hearing Things is all about guessing what your teammate is trying to say. It’s inspired by the online “Whisper Challenge” sensation.

In this case, one player puts on a pair of speech-canceling headphones while their partner whispers a phrase from the cards. Then, they have to guess what their partner says. The team with the most correct guesses wins.

This game comes with headphones, a timer, and 150 cards with 600 phrases. Hasbro recommends it for ages 12 and up.

Many customers have enjoyed this game with their older children. It’s a good game to play for kids who’ve outgrown typical board games, and there are plenty of phrases to choose from.

Unfortunately, there’s been multiple complaints that the headphones don’t work as well as they should. They fall off easily, and they don’t have any volume control. Despite this, some can still easily understand what their partner is saying.

Our Verdict

For the most part, the Speak Out game lives up to its hype. It’s a great game for adults to play if you have a family gathering coming up. The main issue is the size of the mouthpieces.

You have to ask if you and your friends are okay with a little discomfort before you get it. If the answer’s yes, then there’s no reason not to try it out.

The other issue is that kids can’t play it without buying smaller mouthpieces separately. It’s going to be an adults-only game for the most part. If you’re looking for a game you can play with your children, you’ll probably want to look somewhere else.

That said, the Speak Out game is a hilarious game that adults can easily have hours of fun playing.

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