The 7 Best RC Jeeps: Things To Consider Before Buying

There are a lot of different types of RC vehicles: carsplanesmonster trucks, and boats. However, sometimes those aren’t good enough, and you need the pure awesomeness of a Jeep — just like in “real life.”

That is an exhilarating prospect if you love Jeeps. The only thing almost as great as driving a real one is playing with a miniature version of your favorite vehicle. The outstanding ones even go off-road just like the real thing!

There are tons of options on the market if you want a really cool RC Jeep, but you have to research before you buy one.

The 7 Best RC Jeeps: Things To Consider Before Buying

Things to Look for in an RC Jeep

When you are shopping for an RC Jeep, you want to find something that handles off-road driving well. After all, if you wanted to stick to the road, you’d pick up a car or a motorcycle. Sure, you could get a monster truck or another off-road RC vehicle, but there’s something special about Jeeps.

The first decision you will want to make is whether you want an electric or a gas-powered nitro RC Jeep. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

For instance, electric RC vehicles are rechargeable but not quite as powerful as nitro. But there’s downtime. Nitro RC vehicles can be refueled, and the fun can continue, but there are a lot of upkeep costs.

Nitro Jeeps are also more powerful, but they’re meant for people who know what they are doing.

You’ll also want to ensure that your chosen RC Jeep will handle whatever you throw at it. The best way to do this is to examine the specifications and customer reviews to determine whether it will meet your expectations.

A good RC Jeep should be powerful enough to handle rough terrain. It should also be durable enough to take a few bumps and bruises. If performance isn’t your primary motivation, it should look good or serve whatever function you need it to.

We’ll be taking a look at some of the best RC Jeep on the market to help you decide which is best for you.

Top RC Jeeps

The following are our picks for the best RC Jeeps.

1. Pro-Line 332100 1992 Jeep Cherokee

The Pro-Line 332100 1992 Jeep Cherokee is a small-scale recreation of one of the most fun vehicles in existence. If looks are your primary consideration when buying an RC Jeep, this 1:10 scale Jeep Cherokee is sure to please.

You’ll love the extensive attention to detail put into the molding of this vehicle. But be warned: you’ll need to paint it yourself.

The body is sold in clear Lexan, so this RC Jeep is not only a masterpiece, but it’s your masterpiece. This Jeep Cherokee comes with a decal and window masking kit allowing you to put the perfect finishing touches on your project.

While this RC vehicle can handle climbing rocks and driving off-road, its main strength is in its spectacular looks. Regarding performance, you can find far superior vehicles. But you’ll be hard-pressed to locate something that looks better than this near-perfect replica of a 1992 Jeep Cherokee.

2. Costzon Ride-On Jeep

Got kids? Costzon’s ride-on Jeep will let you have a lot of fun while still including them in the best way possible. That may seem like a surprising thing to include in a list of RC vehicles, but it belongs here.

This Jeep has two modes. The first allows your child to drive it like a typical ride-on vehicle. The second lets you have a lot of fun by controlling it with the parental remote. Just strap your little one in this Jeep, and you’re ready to roll.

Fully charged, this thing can keep going for 40 minutes between charges.

It isn’t the fastest machine, clocking in at under four miles per hour. But if you buy this you’re probably going to have a kid in it, so the speed isn’t your primary concern. This Jeep has fully functioning LED lights. It also plays MP3s via an SD card.

You’ll find a functioning horn and doors, adjustable mirrors, and more. Part of you will be wishing this machine was a bit larger so you could drive it yourself. 

Once again, this isn’t a traditional RC Jeep, but it has a remote control, and it’s a great way to do something with your child, so it’s worth mentioning.

3. Tozo Desert Buggy Warhammer

The TOZO Desert Buggy Warhammer is a beautiful machine. It’s constructed from beautiful metallic materials and looks exactly what you’d want to see for the price. It also has high-quality rubber tires that make it perfect for rougher terrain.

This RC Jeep’s anti-skid features will allow you to handle turns like a champ without spinning out of control. If you’re into drifting (mainly off-road), you’ll love this vehicle. The Warhammer will run for 20 minutes before needing a charge, though the charge time leaves much to be desired at three hours.

You can control this Jeep from over 160 feet away, meaning you don’t have to chase it to keep having fun.

This Jeep won’t move as fast as you may like at just over 18 miles per hour, but it’s a lot of fun regardless.

4. Axial Wraith Spawn Rock Racer

The Axial Wraith Spawn Rock Racer is a Jeep/buggy crossover that will handle whatever you throw at it. Rought terrain? No problem. Rocks? This beast can handle it. Sand? No issue at all.

The Wraith Spawn’s partially waterproof body will power through tough terrains without a problem. However, if you want to run this vehicle in the snow or through water, you will need to take additional waterproofing measures.

This machine is more expensive than other offerings we have seen. But if you have a little bit of money to throw down, you can rest assured that it will be well-spent. The Wraith Spawn is designed to gain traction on any off-road terrain.

The wraith spawn includes a realistic driver with a race suit and three interchangeable helmets: motocross, motorsport, and an open skull face. That helps to enhance realism.

RC enthusiasts will love the Wraith Spawn’s numerous customization options. A wealth of after-market parts are available to trick out this ride further. This hybrid vehicle comes with a motor, speed control, steering servo, and a radio. You’ll need to buy a charger and, of course, batteries. 

5. Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho 4WD RC Rock Crawler

The Axial SCX10 Honcho rock crawler is another excellent choice if you want to drive off-road. The Honcho comes fully assembled. Simply install a battery (not included), and you’re ready to rock — or climb them.

This vehicle comes with a lot of optional and replacement parts to keep you on the road if something catastrophic happens.

Speaking of replacement parts this vehicle is compatible with a whole slew of Axial parts, so the sky’s the limit where upgrades are concerned. With stock parts, the Honcho will “rock” any terrain, but once you trick it out to your liking, it will far surpass your expectations. On top of that, it looks incredible.

If you’re looking for a customizable RC Jeep that will handle almost any situation, you’ll love the Honcho. 

6. Axial 17 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

The Axial 17 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited RC Rock Crawler brings a lot to the table. Axial went all-out with their attention to detail in creating this beautiful machine. But it doesn’t just have a pretty face.

This RC Jeep handles everything from pavement to rocks to sand. It will take a beating and keep on going, which is exactly what you want in an RC Jeep.

While its stock parts are already out of this world, Axial ensured that this vehicle is heavily customizable. It already includes a Wb8 HD Wild boar driveshaft, AR44 hi-pinion axle, 1.9 KMC xd 229 machete crawl wheels, 1.9 Nitto trail grappler m/T S30 tires, an adjustable battery tray, and a steel c-channel frame Rail chassis.

But if you want to add more to this machine, you can do so. In other words, this RC Jeep will please everyone from beginner RC drivers to Jeep enthusiasts to experts.

7. Axial SCX10 Deadbolt 4WD RC Rock Crawler Off-Road

The Deadbolt is yet another fantastic offering from Axial. Everything comes included except the batteries and charger with this ready-to-run monster.

This rock crawler will handle even the toughest of terrains with minimal difficulty. It also has waterproofed electronics so you can handle wet conditions with ease.

If you’re looking for a machine that will go where you go, on or off the beaten path, the Deadbolt is a great option to consider. 

Which RC Jeep is the Best?

Axial is a leading name in RC vehicles, so it’s no surprise that their Jeep Wrangler Unlimited RC Rock Crawler is our choice here. This machine’s features, style, and ability to roll over anything you put in front of it make it the clear winner here.

If you’re serious about your RC vehicles, you’ll want to give this vehicle a spin — but be careful because once you get going, you won’t want to stop.

Axial’s wrangler is easily as attractive as Pro-Line’s Jeep Cherokee with loads more power. In fact, the only RC Jeeps that even come close are also made by Axial.

So go ahead — pick one up, buy with confidence, and customize it to your heart’s content. You know you want to.

Of course, if you have kids, there’s a lot to be said for Costzon’s ride-on Jeep. Sure, it’s not fast, and you don’t want to take it over rough terrain, but it’s the only one of these options that include a living, breathing passenger.

Watching the joy on your child’s face may be more valuable to you than powering over rocks and through creeks. But then there’s no harm in investing in both.

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