Best Fast RC Cars : Top 10 Picks

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Whether you’re into remote control vehicles just for fun, or you like to participate on a competitive level, fast RC cars are one of the most pleasing investments you can make. From kicking up dust with off-road remote control vehicles like monster trucks and jeeps to taking to the sea or sky with an RC like a submarine or helicopter, RCs are a great way to have fun.

Driving a remote control vehicle is a pastime countless Americans enjoy. Today, fast RC cars have become more affordable than ever, so you don’t need to be a professional RC racer with official sponsors to own one. From buggies and drift cars to formula one and famous muscle car replicas. Some fast RC cars can now exceed speeds of actual full-size gasoline-powered vehicles.

All About Fast RC Cars

Interested in learning more about fast RC cars? We’ve put together a few of the most commonly asked questions concerning fast RC cars today.

How fast are we talking?

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The highest quality fast RC cars produced today can travel at speeds upwards of 200 mph. That said, ordinary fast RC cars go between 20 to 60 mph.

What are some of the leading brands that produce fast RC cars?

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Several well-known manufacturers produce fast RC cars. Traxxas, HPI Racing, and Redcat Racing are just a few of the most popular brands.

Where can I purchase a fast RC car?

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Fast RC cars are available for purchase at some local retailers, including KMart and Walmart. However, much more affordable deals can be found online at major retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and HobbyTron.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Fast RC Car

Before you put that fast RC car in your shopping cart and pull out the trusty credit card, first, take a minute to consider a few things before making your purchase.


Top speed

Charge time/playtime

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[amazon box=”B0192Y8Z9W,B06ZYGW6H2,B06XKQ6XQZ,B07GB5W5B1,9987956289,B00CEP8L0A,B00RNDBR3Q,B01CEGAHL4,B0192Y8PWO,B00F20DIF2″ template=”table”]

The Top Fast RC Cars of 2019

Now that we’ve covered all the essential information needed to help you make a well-informed purchasing decision, here are the top fast RC cars of 2019!

[amazon link=”B0192Y8Z9W” title=”Traxxas XO-1″/]

[amazon box=”B0192Y8Z9W”]

If you are looking for the best of best, the Traxxas XO-1 is it. The fastest 2.4GHz RC car ever created by Traxxas, it is capable of reaching 60 mph in under 2.5 seconds. A 25.2V extreme ESC brushless motor, the largest of its kind, propels this puppy to top speeds of over 120 mph. Traction Stability Management, AWD with steel-gear differentials, high-end shocks, and steel driveshafts, and an aerodynamic body help this one-of-a-kind beast to dominate the road.

[amazon link=”B06ZYGW6H2″ title=”Super GT”/]

[amazon box=”B06ZYGW6H2″]

Something between a hobbyist RC car and a great RC car for kids, the Super GT is one of the best fast RC cars for beginners. This 2.4GHz remote control car is perfect for learning to drift, perform powerslides, figure 8s and quick u-turns. The battery only takes 90 minutes to charge fully, and playtime lasts for about 15 minutes. Also, two sets of tires come with this car, one set for racing and one set for drifting.

[amazon link=”B06XKQ6XQZ” title=”Traxxas’ Ford GT”/]

[amazon box=”B06XKQ6XQZ”]

This Ford GT replica is one of the smoothest high-end fast RC cars on the market. XL-5 Electronic Speed Control and high-quality street tires on chrome wheels make this big boy perfect for racing in any real-world weather conditions. Built on the famous 4-Tec 2.0 Traxxas chassis, there are very few fast RC cars with this sort of performance ability. Powered by a Titan 12t motor, and 2.4GHz TQi transmitter, the top speed is over 30 mph.

[amazon link=”B07GB5W5B1″ title=”Super-Fast RC Car from GoStock”/]

[amazon box=”B07GB5W5B1″]

Powered by a 390 brush motor, the GoStock 1:12 scale 2.4GHz fast RC car tops out at speeds of 25 mph. A rechargeable 9.6V lithium-ion battery offers around 15 minutes of playtime after two hours of charging. Hollowed out heavy-duty rubber speed wheels make this the perfect vehicle for racing around in gravel or off-road. A 4CH steering system and a built-in shock system are additional benefits of this fast and kid-friendly RC car.

[amazon link=”9987956289″ title=”Exceed 350 Drift Star”/]

[amazon box=”9987956289″]

Equipped with a high-performance KV 3300 brushless motor, the exceed 350 is a true drifting star. 4WD, a 2.5mm chassis, lightweight suspension, and high-end differentials and a 2.4GHz radio control allow for superior handling. Pre-mounted skid-proof drifting tires, chrome plated rims, and real ball bearings are additional features which make this one of the best RC drift cars available. An 8.4V battery powers it.

[amazon link=”B00CEP8L0A” title=”Redcat’s Racing Rampage”/]

[amazon box=”B00CEP8L0A”]

Capable of speeds up to 40 mph, and 1:5 scale of a real vehicle, the 2.4GHz Rampage XB-E isn’t playing around. One of the largest fast RC cars on the market, this 4WD monster is powered by a 980Kv brushless motor and two 11.1V LIPO batteries. Metal gears, a 4mm T6 chassis made from aluminum, real oil filled shocks and high-end tires are additional benefits of this Redcat RC racecar. Did we mention this is one of the fastest off-road capable, fast RC cars?

[amazon link=”B00RNDBR3Q” title=”Traxxas 55077-1 Jato”/]

[amazon box=”B00RNDBR3Q”]

Go from zero to 60 mph in barely four seconds with a maximum speed of around 70 mph. The 55077-1 Jato 3.3 is a real speed demon among fast RC cars. Also, requiring a car blend fuel of 10 to 20 percent nitro, this is one of only two gas powered RC cars to make our list. It is a 1:10 scale model of a real racing buggy, comes with a 2.4GHz transmitter and is capable of Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone or tablet.

[amazon link=”B01CEGAHL4″ title=”Redcat’s Racing EPX”/]

[amazon box=”B01CEGAHL4″]

One of Redcat Racings most popular 2.4 GHz fast RC cars, it is capable of 25 to 30 mph out of the box. It comes with pro RC drifting race tires, aluminum plated shocks filled with real oil, and a high-quality polycarbonate body. It is 4WD, has a forward/reverse transmission, and runs on a brushed electric motor. The remote control requires an additional eight AA batteries.

[amazon link=”B0192Y8PWO” title=”E-Revo VXL by Traxxas”/]

[amazon box=”B0192Y8PWO”]

A Velineon 380 motor powers this 1:16 scale three-speed fast RC car by Traxxas. It is capable of speeds excessive of 30 mph straight out of the package and up to 50 mph with optional upgrades. The transmitter is built with 2.4GHz TQi technology and allows for personally fine-tuning it to your liking. Additionally, all the time 4WD, high-end differentials, an excellent slipper clutch, and Revo suspension are additional benefits of this fast RC car.

[amazon link=”B00F20DIF2″ title=”109964 RTR Baja 5SC”/]

[amazon box=”B00F20DIF2″]

The last of the fast RC cars on our list, it is almost the most expensive. The RTR Baja 5SC is a legendary RC produced by HPI Racing. The vehicle is created from aircraft grade materials, comes with an upper roll cage, shocks with real oil, and chassis guards. Also, its HPI Fuelie 26S CC engine runs on unleaded gasoline and two cycle oil 25:1 ratio. Additional features include sleek aerodynamic design and Hot Bodies Rodeo tires.

The Best Fast RC Car for Kids

rc car

GoStock’s 1:12 scale remote control car is the best of the fast RC cars for children. It has all the great features you could ever want in a fast RC car for your kid. Including a powerful brush motor, speeds of 25 mph, heavy-duty wheels, a superior 4CH steering system and a durable impact resistant design.

The Best Fast RC Car for Adults

Traxxas 55077-1 Jato

The best of the fast RC cars for adults is hands down the Traxxas 55077-1 Jato. With speeds of 70+ mph and features such as Bluetooth connectivity and fuel based engine, it is a toy for big boys. They don’t get any better than this.

The Verdict

The Traxxas XO-1 is without question the best fast RC car on the market. Not only is it among the fastest RC cars in the world, but it also comes from one of the most trusted RC car manufacturers. It comes with a limited warranty and perhaps the best customer service in the industry. It is perfect for adults, serious RC enthusiasts, and professional RC racers.

Have you purchased one of the fast RC cars on our list? Or perhaps one that isn’t? Do you agree or disagree with our reviews? Let us know in the comments below!


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