2019’s Best RC Boats: A List Of Good Choices To Consider

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RC boats can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a headache-and-a-half if you buy the wrong one. When you're headed out for a day at the lake or a body of water of your choice, you want to be sure that you're not "dead in the water" with your new remote control boat.

Manufacturers have made numerous improvements to RC boats over the years, including improved designs, longer transmitting distances, and better performance. Because of this, now is the perfect time for you to consider purchasing one. But as with any purchase, you want to ensure that you buy yourself the best RC boat for your dollar.

Whether you want to race your best friend or your kids or enjoy a quiet afternoon sending your machine across the water, here are some of the best RC boats you can find in 2019. Be careful though: once you buy one, you probably will want another. And another. And another. It's a very addictive hobby!

UdiRC Venom

The UdiRC Venom is a very affordable RC speedboat if you're just looking to get into this very fun hobby. This machine can move at crazy-fast speeds up to 15 miles per hour. That's a lot of power for a small, 13.5-inch boat!

The Venom is incredibly sturdy and has a self-righting feature. That means that if you flip the boat, you can get it right-side-up and running again with a quick forward flick of the trigger.

A built-in safety feature prevents the Venom's motor from running if the hull is not sitting correctly in the water. It makes it a great purchase if you have kids or if you are inexperienced in being an RC captain.

Thanks to the self-righting feature, this boat is tough to flip -- even if you throw it into the water.

While many boats are only designed to move forward and turn left and right, the Venom has a reverse feature, which is very convenient if you need to move it around something floating in the water.

You won't be surprised by a dead battery, either. The Venom will signal you if it's running out of juice so you can bring it in and charge it. Charging is easy, as the batteries can be powered via a USB cable. That is good, as you will need to charge it after ten minutes of use.

You will get your money's worth with this powerhouse of an RC boat.

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The Best RC Boats for 2019

Below are our choices for the best RC boats.

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RC Boats Are A Lot Of Fun But Make The Right Choice For You

There's nothing like a day at the lake racing across the water. But which boat you take with you depends on numerous factors, including your experience level, and exactly how rough you intend to be with it.

No matter what choice you make, it is important that you carefully study the features of each. Always make sure that your purchase fits your lifestyle. Happy hunting!


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