Puppy Surprise Doll: Growing The Family Twenty Years Later

If you are a 90’s kid, you probably had or really, really wanted, an adorable Puppy Surprise doll. These colorful pups were the next best thing to having a real dog.

The momma Puppy Surprise dolls come with a little litter of puppies, making the toy even more fun. The best part about the dolls is that they are still manufactured!

That means if your child is bugging you for a puppy like you bothered your parents, you can do what they did and get your child an adorable puppy surprise. You won’t have to worry about them forgetting to feed the pup or it pooping in your house.

Your munchkin’s Puppy Surprise doll is all of the fun with none of the work.

The Puppy Surprise

Just Play manufactures a range of different toys for children worldwide. One of their more popular toys is the Puppy Surprise Doll from the 1990s.

With 15 different Puppy Surprise dolls to cover, there is bound to be the perfect match for your loved one.

The Puppy Surprise Doll was produced initially by Hasbro in 1991-1993. The “Mommy Puppies” are around 12 inches long, whereas the puppies themselves are only four inches long.

Their faces are plastic, but their bodies are a huggable fabric. The puppies come in a variety of colors based on the mom. You may even end up with a smaller puppy known as the runt of the litter.

In 2014, Just Play picked up the Puppy Surprise Doll, growing the family even more than Hasbro did in the 90s.

The Puppy Surprise doll is a family of adorable toy dogs for ages three and up to enjoy. The surprise is the number of puppies that the mom dog will come with the package.

The number of puppies can range from three to five, removable from a pouch on the mom dog. Only one of the puppies barks and makes panting noises to have a sense of realism about it, even though they all look very toy-like.

Of course, the girl puppies arrive with a pink bow and the boy puppies, with a blue bow.

Price Range

Puppy Surprise dolls usually retail for around $25 to $50, but there are specialty pups that sell for a lot more. Prices vary from store to store.

The Puppy Surprise Moms

All of the moms in the Puppy Surprise collection come in a range of unique color combinations, each with an unknown amount of puppies. Check out some of the dolls below.

Puppy Surprise Cali 12″ Plush

Mommy dog Cali comes in an adorable white coat with bright blue eyes and a deep purple nose. Her fluffy ears and long tail are a soft lavender color, with a light pink bow at the top of her head.

Cali’s face has bright pink spots, with a heart around one eye. Her puppies can come in a variety of purple, white, and pink mixes.

Puppy Surprise JPL42251 Taffy 12″ Plush

With a unique coat pattern of pastel tye dye and unicorn hair, Taffy is a stylish momma dog. She sports the same blue eyes and facial profile as Darcy, with light pink instead of hot pink.

Her nose is a bold, glittery hot pink that perfectly matches the heart collar around her neck. Taffy’s ears and tail start a cotton candy pink at the roots, leading into a lilac purple, with sky blue tips.

Puppy Surprise Luna 12″ Plush

A coat covered in stars, Luna’s flamingo pink coloring stands out against the night sky. Her stars are a shade of pink deeper, showing up well on her body.

Her face is white, with lavender eyelashes and pink stars lining her right eye. Luna’s ears and tail are a soft ombre from flamingo pink to white, with a matching pink bow. She has blue eyes and a pink nose that matches the rest of her coat.

Puppy Surprise Mati Plush

Mati is a unique magenta-pink puppy that has a coat speckled with a pinkish cream. Her face matches Nikki and Darcy, with a base of cream instead of white.

Her eyes are black instead of blue, and she has a glittery magenta nose. Mati’s ears and tail are cream-colored, with flaring magenta-pink tips. However, her bow is the traditional pink, which blends in with her hair.

Puppy Surprise Stormy 12″ Plush Toy

This rainbow tye-dye puppy is sure to grab your attention with her vibrant coat colors. Her ears and tail sport four different pastel colors.

Starting with a peachy pink, to lavender, leading into a blend of neon blue and green. The signature pink bow stands out well against her fur.

Stormy has an eggshell white face, with a lavender spot around her right eye. Her eyes are blue, contrasting well against her glittering deep purple nose.

Puppy Surprise Kiki 12″ Plush Toy

A puppy that is rocking the natural look, Kiki’s coat resembles that of an actual dog. Based in white with a big, light caramel spot on her back.

Her ears and tail are matching light caramel, which the soft pink bow accentuates. Kiki has dark brown, almost black, eyes and a black nose. Her face pattern is based out in cream with light brown around her eyes.

Puppy Surprise Stacy 12″ Plush

Another natural puppy, Stacy is a bright white poodle with curly, fluffy fur. Her body is a base of light cream, with her ears and tail being poofy and white.

The soft pink bow sits on the right ear, instead of being at the top of the head. Her eyes are the traditional blue, but her nose is black. Also, Stacy has bright pink eyelashes and cheeks.

Puppy Surprise JPL42298 12″ Plush Chloe, 8.603″, Purple

Chloe isn’t a very original puppy, looking almost identical to Darcy with the same lilac coat color as Nikki. Her face matches Darcy’s, with Nikki’s hearts under the right eye.

She has pink eyelashes and a glittering deep purple nose. However, being a mashup, she is the perfect option for anyone looking for the unique features of both Nikki and Darcy.

Puppy Surprise Lexi 12″ Plush

Lexi’s design also matches Mati’s, only in a bright, bubblegum pink. Her ears and tail match the flaming tips that Mati sports, only with the matching bubblegum pink.

Also, she has a glittering hot pink nose and signature blue eyes.

Puppy Surprise Eliza 12″ Plush

This puppy proudly shows off her unique marbled coat, with colors of flamingo pink, icy blue, and lilac. Her face has a white base, with light pink swirled around the eyes and pink stars under her right eye.

Eliza’s ears and tail start from purple to pink and end with blue, all matching the colors of her coat. Also, she has a glittery hot pink nose and traditional blue eyes.

Specialty Puppy Surprise Dolls

Not all of Just Play’s toys in the Puppy Surprise Doll line are dogs. They feature two unique Bunny Surprise dolls. Of course, there are other surprise dolls such as unicorns and pegasus surprise dolls.

However, the Bunny and Lamb stand are listed under the Puppy Surprise Doll branch.

Just Play Bunny Surprise 11″ Plush – Patches

With the traditional pastel Easter colors, this bunny has a beautifully soft marbled coat pattern. The Bunny Surprise dolls have long, floppy ears with a fuzzy patch of fur on top of their head.

In Patches’ case, her ears are the same marbled color, with a pastel pink floof on her head and tail. Additionally, the baby bunnies are equally as adorable, with one ear flopped over and the other standing straight up.

Her face is a white base with a light pink swirl around her left eye. She also has glittery pastel purple eyeshadow and matching hearts all around her right eye.

Just Play Bunny Surprise Stuffed Figure – Breezy with her Bunnies

Breezy’s coat nearly matches Patches’, only she has way more yellow in her marbled coat. Her face matches that of Puppy Surprise Doll Nikki, with only two sparkly hearts under her right eye.

Her ears match her fur, and her head and tail floof are baby pinks.


  • The toy encourages the nurturing side of children, teaching them to care for young animals.
  • They can also cater to collectors since they have tons of different designs and characters.
  • Do the best for kids ranging from three to six years of age.


  • Many are not thrilled with the chance to get only three puppies in their litter
  • Only one puppy in the litter makes noise, leaving the others not as favored.

Our Verdict

The Puppy Surprise Doll is an excellent Christmas or birthday gift for any toddler or child that loves puppies. With a little family of their own, this toy brings out a nurturing side of your kid without gifting a live animal.

Additionally, the momma’s pouch makes storage of the puppies easy. The pouch also benefits travel, so your kid can take the whole family on car rides and vacations.

The only downside is the lowest number of puppies possible being a litter of three. However, the manufacturer makes puppy packs, so your little one can have as many puppies as they’d like.

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