Grossery Gang – The Grossest Collectible Toy Ever

A rotten tomato. A moldy piece of pizza. An apple with a worm in it. Not exactly what you or I would consider something to pick up and play with but if you have a kid that loves gross stuff, the Grossery Gang is really going hit the spot!

Developed by Moose Toys, The Grossery Gang is the yucky flip side of Shopkins, the ultra-cute collectibles that took the world by storm in 2014. Shopkins themselves were the flip side of the Trash Pack, another set of collectibles that launched in 2011 and did really well worldwide but never quite reached the fame of Shopkins.

And while the Grossery Gang also hasn’t matched the Shopkins craze, it’s still selling millions of icky miniature foodstuffs.

So what the heck is The Grossery Gang? I’m glad you asked!

Grossery Gang – The Grossest Collectible Toy Ever

The Grossery Gang – Welcome to the Yucky Mart

Released in June 2016 by the Melbourne-based Moose Toys, The Grossery Gang are small rubbery toys made to resemble a wide variety of rotten grocery store items (hence, the name “The Grossery Gang”).

They are not appropriate to have around younger children who might (will) put them in their mouths. Yes, they look disgusting but when has that ever stopped a baby?

But past that, the characters are hilariously nauseating. They’re broken into subgroups or “teams” like “Gross Greasies,” “Stinky Snacks,” and “Moldy Veg.” Most of the characters have alternate versions with different colors. Some of these are rare while some entire subgroups are “ultra rare.”

This is where the “collectible” part comes in as kids try to get the entire set. Lucky for you, The Grossery Gang is currently up to Series 5 so it’ll take some time before you run out of nasty little critters for your child to collect!

Looking to avoid the pitfalls of previous collectible toys, The Grossery Gang started to introduce a storyline with Series 3. This included bad guys for our slimy heroes to fight. Each series after that introduces more villains to keep the story going and your child’s interest piqued.

But first, let’s start at the beginning.

The Grossery Gang – Series 1

These are the original 150 goopy figures that started it all. With the tagline “Your shoppin’s gone rotten,” you have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

They’re sold in little candy bar-like wrappers, mini-bags of “chips,” and tiny “mystery milk crates.” Some of the packaging tells you what characters are inside, but there is always at least one random surprise character. My particular favorite is the “Vile Vending Machine” which has 16 on display and four mystery milk crates.

The Grossery Gang teams for Series 1 are:

  • Awful Sauces
  • Badly Frozen
  • Barf-Room Supplies
  • Gross Greasies
  • Half Baked Bakery
  • Moldy Veg
  • Scummy Sodas
  • Sour Dairy
  • Sticky Sweets
  • Stinky Snacks
  • Trashed Cans

They really are just as gross as they sound. And yet, they’re still somehow endearing. Sort of? Anyway, the Trashed Cans are the limited editions, the Sticky Sweets are the special editions, and the Moldy Veg team is ultra rare. And considering they’re up to Series 5, best of luck finding them!

You might have a better time getting a hold of the three playsets/storage containers:

Mushy Slushie Collectors Cup

Basically, this is a large Slurpee cup that you can stuff about 40 of the Grossery Gang into. The lid pops off and the “slushie” top has little pegs to stick the characters on. It comes with four exclusive Grosseries.

Mushy Slushie Machine

Well, if you have the cup, you need someplace to fill it up, don’t you? This play set lets you send your Grosseries flying out of the slushie machine and it also comes with another two exclusive characters.

Yuck Mart

This is where the magic happens! The Grossery Gang comes from the Yuck Mart which is located in, I kid you not, Cheap Town. Apparently, Cheap Town was a “bustling urban metropolis” but a superhighway was built to “Sales City” (presumably where Shopkins live) and now Cheap Town is a Dystopian nightmare.

The set has a microwave, a freezer, shelves, etc. and it comes with, you guessed it, two exclusive figures.

The Grossery Gang – Series 2

Series 2, released in January of 2017, sticks with a winning formula, adding another 150 stomach-churning Grosseries and one more playset. The twist this time is that several of the little critters glow in the dark or change color when you put them in warm water.

The Grossery Gang teams for Series 2 are:

  • Awful Sauces
  • Barf-Room Supplies
  • Cruddy Lost ‘N’ Found
  • Fungus Fruits
  • Glowin’ Gadgets
  • Gooey Breakfasts
  • Gross Greasies
  • Scummy Sodas
  • Sour Dairy
  • Untasty Treats

As you can see, some of the teams are the same, but the Grosseries on those teams are not. There are a ton of different ways to have fun with “Scummy Sodas” so why limit yourself to just one go at it?

There are still commons, rares and ultra rares, although no one particular team is ultra rare this go around. The Glowin’ Gadgets are the special edition because they, surprise, glow and the Cruddy Lost ‘N’ Found is a limited edition because they have a “dusty metallic finish.”

The play set for Series 2 is the Horrid Hot Dog Machine and it’s enough to make you want to pass on the grilled tube steak the next time you’re in a convenience store. It comes with a mustard bottle launcher to shoot your Grosseries through the air, and you can squish the rubber foodies through the rollers.

It also serves (see what I did there?) as a storage container for your now burgeoning collection of nastiness. And yes, it has two exclusive figures.

The Grossery Gang – Series 3

Series 3, released in June of 2017, adds yet another 150 tiny terrors to collect but now the Grosseries have someone gunning for them: the Clean Team. Yes, the villains are, seriously, cleaning items like mops, feather dusters, dustbins and, I’m not making this up, an evil box of tissues.

Series 3 also goes international with the World Food team which includes tasty foreign dishes like “Bangers & Trash” and ” Chewie Sushi.” Yummy!

The Grossery Gang teams for Series 3 are:

  • Barf-Room Supplies
  • Clean Team
  • Cruddy Sport
  • Fish Market
  • Gross Greasies
  • Gunky Gas Station
  • Junk Yard
  • Stinky Snacks
  • Trash Alley
  • Vile Vermin
  • World Food

Series 3 has a whopping four playsets and one alternate version:

Clean Team Street Sweeper

The bad guys are riding in style! The street sweeper can sweep up your Grosseries in the front and shoot them out the back. It comes with two exclusive characters.

Collector’s Trash Can

Pretty self-explanatory, no? The trash can holds 40 Grosseries and comes with two exclusives of its own.

Delivery Strike Motor Bike

This tricked-out pizza delivery Harley lets you launch missiles as you cruise the streets of Cheap Town. And you’ll never believe it: It comes with two exclusive Grosseries!

Muck Chuck Garbage Truck and Metallic Trash Attack Pack

These two playsets are identical except for the paint scheme. They both can launch your Grosseries like a catapult and they both open up for “battle mode.” They also both come with two exclusive characters each. However, the Metallic Trash Attack Pack comes with one of the new action figures which lead us to…

The Grossery Gang Action Figures!

Yup! In addition to the little rubber and plastic collectibles, Moose Toys also started to produce full-size action figures. How does one make an action figure out of rotten food or a stinky garbage can? Easy! Just add arms and legs and call it a day!

OK, it’s a little more complicated than that (there are toxic sludge and mutations involved), but you get the basic idea.

Breathe easy, while the action figures are naturally more expensive, there’s a whole lot less of them to collect! And you’re in luck! Each comes with an exclusive Grossery collectible and they’re all available on Amazon.

  • Blow Fly
  • Dodgey Donut
  • Fungus Fries
  • Gooey Chewie (Discontinued and hard to find)
  • Grub Sub (Discontinued and hard to find)
  • Putrid Pizza
  • Squished Banana
  • Trash Head (Discontinued and hard to find)
  • Vac Attack

The Grossery Gang – Series 4

Series 4, released in December of 2017, introduces the next set of bad guys: The Bug Army. Unlike Series 3, there are three full teams of villains this time around letting your kiddos stage epic battle between bugs and blech! Series 4 also continues the trend of the Grossery Gang including a lot more non-food items among the 150 new collectibles.

In fact, of the 12 teams, only three are actually foods! Not that your kids are really going to care because this series has paratroopers (bugs with parachutes) and wall crawlers (bugs that stick to the wall).

The Grossery Gang teams for Series 4 are:

  • Army Preserves
  • Bug Brigade
  • Dessert Warfare
  • Foot Soldiers
  • Gravy Officers
  • Hair Force
  • Medics
  • Para Crawlers
  • Repellants
  • Scrappy Camo
  • Stationery Officers
  • SWAT

Curiously, Series 4 doesn’t have any playsets associated with it. They did, however, continue making action figures.

The action figures for Series 4 are:

  • Capt. Lice Cream – Capt. Lice Cream
  • Dodgey Donut
  • Fungus Fries
  • Gen. Arak Attack
  • Gooey Chewie
  • Grot Dog
  • Grub Sub
  • Putrid Pizza
  • Trash Head

The Grossery Gang – Series 5

By the time you read this, the 150 collectibles of the newest set of the Grossery Gang should have just been released into the stores. Time is running out! No, seriously! In series 5, the Grossery Gang is fighting bad guys from the past and the future.

From Stone Age Pizza to Cyborg Pizza (wait, what?! Don’t put too much thought into it, you’ll hurt yourself), our decomposing heroes will have to go all Doctor Who to stay alive!

The Grossery Gang teams for Series 5 are:

  • Computer Virus
  • Fungus Fossils
  • Jurassic Muck
  • Medieval Muck
  • Putrid Pirates
  • Rotbots
  • Scabby Samurai
  • Time Wasters
  • Vile West

The play sets return for Series 5 but with only two new sets and one color scheme variant. Still, it’s better than nothing! As of this writing, pricing was not available.

Chomp ‘n’ Chew Trash-o-saur

This is basically, I’m not joking, a T-rex used as a shopping cart/battle platform. As of this writing, the Chomp ‘n’ Chew has not been released but will presumably have at least one but more likely two exclusive Grosseries.

2 in 1 Gross Glow Assault Vehicle and 2 in 1 Rotbot Assault Vehicle

These dune buggies have launchers on top that shoot toilet plungers (I can’t believe it took them this long to think of that!). They also have grappling hooks and winches in the front.

As always, they come with two exclusive Grosseries.

The action figures for Series 5 are:

  • Bad Beans Shooter
  • Cyber-Slop Pizza
  • Dodgey Donut
  • Gooey Chewie
  • Grotty Graffiti
  • Jock Slop Burger
  • Pirate Sharrrk
  • Potato Punk
  • Putrid Pizza
  • Space Jump Pumpkin
  • Spewy Loo
  • Trash Head

It’s All Good Clean Fun, Even If It’s Gross

The bottom line here is that there are a zillion of these things and your kids are going to drive you crazy trying to collect them all. On the other hand, they’re pretty creative and there’s far more expensive stuff your kid could be nagging you to buy.


The Grossery Gang is a step up from other collectible crazes like Beanie Babies because you can actually play with them instead of just watching them collect dust. If you’re looking for something new for your kiddo to get into, take a trip to the Yuck Mart and let your shoppin’ go rotten!

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