Fur Real Pets: The Cuddly Toys that Make the Purrrrrfect Companion

Searching for a toy that is as fun for youngsters, as it is adorable? Ready for a cuteness overload? Then you need to check out Fur Real Pets.

These fuzzy stuffed animals are the perfect toy for any child over the age of four, who needs a friend to cuddle. Featuring soft fur, big dreamy eyes, and infectious smiles, Fur Real Pets will make playtime a blast and bedtime a breeze.

Fur Real Pets: The Cuddly Toys that Make the Purrrrrfect Companion

What Are Fur Real Pets

Yes, Fur Real Pets are stuffed animals. However, they most certainly aren’t your run-of-the-mill teddy bear either. Hasbro, who creates time-tested toys such as My Little Pony and Transformers, is the maker of Fur Real Pets. 

In 2017, these furry toys were ranked among the top toys of the year during the International Toy Fair, and for good reason. One look, and you’ll be in love before you know what hit you — and so will the little people in your life.

Most Popular Fur Real Pets

Fur Real Pets come in a variety of different species. Does your child want a familiar animal like a cat or a dog? Or would they rather have something more exotic, such as a monkey?

Either way, from horses to pandas, Fur Real Pets have you covered, because they really do have something to suit every child’s tastes. These toys also come with a wide array of interactive options. Here are a few of the most popular stuffed animals in this wildly popular toy line.

1. Butterscotch

Do you have one of those kids who is always asking for a pony? If so, Butterscotch My Walking Horse will make their dreams come true.

Or, at least as true as they can, unless you happen to live on a ranch.

According to her bio, Butterscotch is proud and confident, so she always “trots through town with her
head held high.” Since she is trustworthy, her friends all know that they can tell her anything because she will keep their secrets.

She moves her head when you pet her and makes munching sounds when fed her carrot. 

2. Pom Pom

If pandas make your child swoon, you have to check out Pom Pom My Baby Panda. This cutie is endlessly curious.

Her favorite thing to do is to spend her days exploring the world around her. But once she’s tuckered out from a long day spent in search of new experiences, she’s ready for some cuddle time.

She comes with a bottle, so you can make sure she’s well-fed. And thanks to her crawling skills, she can walk right up to you when she hears her rattle.

3. Daisy

Does your child love cats? If the answer to that question is yes, then Daisy Play-With-Me Kitty will make their day.

Like most kittens, Daisy is happy and frisky. She loves to play and have fun. She has tons of energy and, like most cats, has a strong sense of curiosity.

However, she’s also a cuddle bug.

Daisy is fully interactive. By petting her forehead, touching her back, or squeezing her paws, you can cause her to react by wiggling around and making the most adorable kitty sounds.

4. Go Go

A longtime favorite, Go Go My walking pup is described as a born leader who is both brave and smart and is always ready to play. Go Go loves a good adventure and the buttons on her leash let you move her around.

She not only walks, but also wags her tail, tilts her head, and sits. When you talk to her, she responds with an adorable little bark. 

5. Baby Cuddles

For kids who have a thing for primates, you can’t go wrong with Baby Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey. As her name suggests, she loves to giggle and wiggle.

How could she not make all her friends smile? When you tickle Baby Cuddles, she “giggles and grooves.” 

6. Shaggy Shawn

If your child wants to groom their own pet, they will be elated with Shaggy Shawn. Grooming is the name of the game with this pup.

He comes with a toy buzzer that vibrates and makes realistic sounds so you can “trim” his hair and mustache to perfection. 

7. Roarin’ Tyler

For kids of love to make noise, Roarin’ Tyler, the Roaring Tiger will have them howling. This tiger cub roars back when you pet him, talk to him, or even when you roar at him.

He boasts more than 100 sound and motion combinations.

8. Snifflin’ Sawyer

Do you have a child that loves to pretend to be a doctor or nurse? If so, you must check out Snifflin’ Sawyer, the sniffling, sneezing polar bear. This tiny cub will tug at your heartstrings with the sweet sounds she makes in response to your cuddles. 

Other Fur Real Pets

There are more Fur Real Pets, but a few are worth an “honorable mention,” so to speak. Namely, Poopin’ Pets and Luvimals

Poopin’ Pets do just that. They poop. You can choose between Kami, My Poopin’ Kitty, and Pax, My Poopin’ Pup. These guys can go for walks on their leashes, and when you have them sit, they “do their business.” 

Luvimals not only interact with your child, but they also interact with each other. Among the Luvimals available are Harmony Cool and Fancy LeBon.

When Luvimals are around one another, they will all join in and sing to you. 

Fur Real Pets Extras

There is more to the Fur Real Pets franchise than just toys. For kids who just can’t get enough of their cuddly friends, there are also coloring pages and apps available for download on their website. And yes, all of these are just as cute as the toys themselves.

Coloring pages

For generations, coloring has been a childhood past time and a right of passage. There are multiple coloring pages that you can download on your computer and print out for free. Beyond just being adorable, coloring helps children develop their fine motor skills and can keep them entertained for hours.


Coloring pages provide old-fashioned fun, but Hasbro has a plan to engage children with technology too. Several of their Fur Real Pets also have apps that you can download to use with your toy.

Some of these apps can even help your child learn nifty skills, such as computer programming and coding

Furreal Makers: Proto Max App

This app works with the Fur Real Makers Proto Max robotic pet. Together, they will let you create and code your very own robotic pup. You can program responses to activation points, set routines through coding, and control your robot through remote control.

The app, which you can download on either Android or iOS devices, also has multiple mini-games for kids to play. 

Starlily, My Magical Unicorn

Does your child have a unicorn obsession? Thanks to this app, they can now interact with their very own unicorn. Through the app, kids can interact with their unicorns in a whole new way.

You must buy Starlily separately, but once you connect her to the app, she actually responds to what your child does on their device. Together, Starlily and your little one can explore the enchanted FurEver Forest, drow a Wishing Tree, play music in the Crystal Caverns, and so much more. 

Get Up & Go Go, My Walking Pup

Kids who love Go Go, My Walking Pup will be ecstatic at the chance to use the matching app to care for their furry friend. With this app, you can take Go Go for a walk and feed her.

You can also play a variety of games with her. It should be noted that although all content is available through the app, to connect your toy, you will need the Get Up & Go Go version rather than just the regular Go Go. 

Best Stuffed Animals Around

Kids want more than just plain, old stuffed animals these days. They are used to toys that interact with them and thrive on technology. Fur Real Pets give the kids of today what they crave.

Whether your child just wants a toy that will respond to certain actions or would rather build their own fully customizable robot pet, Hasbro has a Fur Real Pet that they will cherish.

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