Afterglow Headset: A Revolution in Gaming Headsets for Better Experience

We all get to a point in our lives where we get bored of our monotonous routine and want to take a step back. Although the idea might seem like taboo to a workaholic, breaks increase productivity. Gaming is one way to relax and take a break. Not only that, research has proven playing video games can help enhance your strategic and analytic capabilities.

Playing games can provide a break from reality for a brief period. Specially designed gaming headsets offer an even more immersive experience, making the escape even more real. Among these, Performance Designed Products’ Afterglow headset line is a serious standout.

Most gamers out there already know the role good quality sound plays in enhancing the gaming experience. However, people new to the gaming world may be ignorant about how a headset can seriously improve the gaming experience.

Be it songs playing in the background, movements of your troops, or explosions, these headsets can transport you into the virtual field in an instant.

Afterglow Headset: A Revolution in Gaming Headsets for Better Experience

How Are Gaming Headsets Different from Standard Headsets?

Any headset consists of two components. The first component is the microphone which transports the sound of your voice to the device. The second component is the speaker which delivers sound from the system to your ears.

Simply put, the microphone enables you to speak to people via a transport protocol while the speakers let you hear their voice or other music. The two components are coupled together into a compact device. This compact device is wearable on the head. Hence it is given the name “headset.”

Gaming headsets sport special hardware and software that gives these components an edge over that of the other headsets. Here are some features of that make these headsets unique:

Acoustic speakers

The acoustic speakers in the specialized headsets make you feel like you are listening to live music. The speakers make you forget the sound is coming from a computer or a gaming console.

Three-dimensional sound quality

The speakers emit high-quality three-dimensional audio that makes the virtual world come alive. The special effects and surround sound technology give an impression of sounds coming from different directions. This feature transports you into the virtual world instantly.

Noise cancellation

The noise cancellation feature cushions the user from unwanted noise from the surroundings. It’s applied to both the microphone and the speakers. The unique design of gaming headsets ensures that the noise canceling feature completely insulates the gamer from the outside world.

In the case of speakers, the distinctive design of ear covers cancels any extra and unwanted noise from the surrounding from getting to the user. The microphone uses a filtering mechanism to prevent undesirable noise from interfering while communicating in a multiplayer environment.

Options for wireless and wired headsets

You can choose between wired and wireless gaming headsets depending on your preferences. Wireless headsets use Bluetooth technology to stay connected to the gaming console.

Wireless headsets paired with a wireless gaming console or wireless keyboard and mouse allow the user to enjoy playing games from a distance of 10 to 15 feet.

They also enable the users to experience the game on a large LCD screen. However, some professional gamers prefer staying close to the screen to concentrate on the game. For these gamers, the market offers gaming-grade wired headsets.

PDP’s Afterglow Headset Product Line

Performance Designed Products (PDP)  offers top-notch accessories in the gaming industry ranging from gaming consoles to keyboards and mouses.

The company is one of the best video game accessory companies in North America. The Afterglow headset derives its name from the marquee lights that brighten the headset up when in use. The marquee LED lights of the headset are in the earpieces. They show through the transparent plastic housing, which also exposes the circuitry of the headsets.

The Afterglow product line was released back in 2012. Since then, headsets have become a favorite accessory in the gaming market. The reason for their popularity is their fantastic performance. Here is a list of some of the most sought-after products from the Afterglow headset line:

Afterglow Universal wireless headset

As the name suggests, the Afterglow Universal wireless headset is compatible with a range of gaming consoles and personal computers.

This wireless headset works seamlessly with all PCs, as well as the PS3, Xbox 360, and even the Wii. If you use it on your TV‘s aux or get an adapter, it works with newer systems, too.

The headphones operate in three modes: pure audio, bass boost, and surround-sound immersive audio mode. The device is devoid of Dolby capabilities. However, the sound quality on offer is good enough for you to enjoy any game.

The headphones deliver crisp, crystal-clear sound that is not overpowering or muddy. From translating sounds of footsteps, to explosions, and even playing music, the headset provides perfect audio quality with a clean bass profile.

The Afterglow Universal wireless headset comes with a microphone that serves for communicating with teammates in a multiplayer gaming environment. The headset’s microphone also comes in handy with other applications on your computer, especially Skype.

When it comes to performance, the headset lasts for up to ten hours which is more than decent for any wireless headset on the market. You can use the headphones over a reasonably long range without disconnecting, allowing you to step away when you need. It’s even perfect for listening to songs. However, the durable headset’s design might not impress everyone.

Afterglow AG 9

Another Afterglow wireless variant available is the Afterglow AG 9. The AG 9 is fully compatible with Xbox One and PS4.

The AG 9 comes with a USB dongle that connects it to the gaming console. All the controls related to the headset are built into the headset. You can mute, unmute, disconnect power, and control volume via a volume wheel.

The AG 9 works in two modes: ”pure audio,” and “bass boost.” However, you won’t find much of a difference in the sound while switching between the two modes. Nonetheless, the audio quality in both cases is decent enough to enjoy any game on offer.

The headphones come with a flexible detachable microphone that can adjust to any position. Furthermore, the microphone features noise-canceling, ensuring uninterrupted and clear communication while playing.

The headset lasts for up to 16 hours after being fully charged. When it comes to the range, the headphones are useable up to 40 feet away.

However, that measure may change based on the number of objects and obstructions between you and the gaming console. Like all other headsets of the Afterglow product line, the AG 9 sports exposed circuitry and bright LEDs that are visible through the housing.

Afterglow AG 6 wired headset

The headset has very comfortable earpieces, with decent padding as well as evenly distributed pores. The pores provide airflow to your ears, reducing sweat while in use. Like the other products on the Afterglow headset line, the AG6 comes with a detachable microphone. The microphone has noise-canceling capabilities that ensure uninterrupted and clear communication.

When it comes to audio quality, the headphones do not disappoint. Although the sound quality is not quite up to par when compared to other headsets, the AG 6 offers excellent audio quality. If you’re a beginner when it comes to games, and not quite sure that you want to invest heavily in a gaming headset, this might be just the option for you.

Afterglow LVL 5+ headset

These speakers have Quadboost technology with haptic feedback. This advanced technology creates an immersive sound experience for the gamer. It also comes with an adjustable and flexible boom microphone. The microphone is powered with noise and echo canceling features to provide for crystal clear communication between teammates in the midst of any game.

Keeping your comfort in mind, the headphone band is double-cushioned. All the controls are easy-to-access and built into the headphones.

Are You Missing out on the Fun?

Gaming headsets are an accessory that every experienced or new gamer should own to enjoy any and every game to its full potential. Headsets not only provide for an immersive audio experience but also help you to concentrate on the game by canceling unwanted noise from your surroundings.

So if you are thinking of trying your hands at the most popular multiplayer games like PubG, Fortnite Battle Royale, Overwatch, or even Rocket League, then these gaming headsets are here to ensure you that you’re at the top of your game. Even if you are not playing a multiplayer game, you can use a headset to become a part of the virtual landscape.

Whether you are already a pro gamer or still just getting started, the Afterglow headset product line has something for you.

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