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RC Motorcycle: The Best Models in the Market this 2019

RC motorcycle models to look for this 2018

Whether you are a child or an adult, if you have ever played with a remote control vehicle, then you know the absolute joy that it can bring. Both remote control cars and remote control helicopters are easily one of the best toys that anyone can fall in love with. But have you ever played with a remote control motorcycle? If you haven't, then you simply do not know what you are missing out on.

In today's article, we are going to take a look at some of the best remote control motorcycles you can shop for. The motorcycles on our list are ones that make for great gifts for both adults and children alike.

If you're looking for the best RC motorcycle, you may have quite a task ahead of you. While there are many types of remote control vehicles available, we can all agree that the thrill of driving any kind of motorcycle beats pretty much anything else and RC motorcycles are no different.

The best RC motorcycle has great speed, balance, maneuverability, and looks. There are a lot of choices in remote control motorcycles. So it's best to study the pros and cons of each and make sure you're buying the one that's right for you. Whether you're buying one for your kids or the kid in you, you need to understand what's good and bad about the bike you're considering.

So before you make a purchase you regret, be sure to check out the best RC motorcycles available in 2018.

What to Look for in an RC Motorcycle

Just like with a real motorcycle, you should check out the benefits and drawbacks of anything you are considering. While an RC motorcycle is not as massive an investment as a Harley, you still don't want to waste your money. The first step is determining what you want in your remote control bike.

The first question you should ask yourself is,”Will the battery last a while, or will it die almost as soon as I start using it?” An RC motorcycle is useless to you if it stops moving right away. Does it use traditional or rechargeable batteries?

How about range? Is it only going to go 40 feet away from you or can you trust it to move a decent distance? Durability? Can it take a beating or will it fall apart the first time you hit a sweet ramp and accidentally send it crashing into a wall? Looks? A lot of cheaper RC motorcycles look like something out of a terrible 1980's cartoon. Does it move on two, three or four wheels?

Sometimes it's worth it to throw a little money at something that looks nice, runs well, and won't break easily. The most important question you should ask is what the best RC motorcycles are?

Best RC Motorcycles of 2018

Top Race 4-Channel Motorcycle

The Top Race 4-Channel Motorcycle is an excellent choice at a great price if you are looking for an RC motorcycle. This motorcycle may seem simple, but this 1:10 scale machine is made from high-quality materials and won’t break easily when you inevitably crash it into a wall. Thanks to its gyroscope feature, it handles smoothly and will ride on two wheels without any additional help.

While it's not very fast, you'll be happy to know that you can charge it with a USB cable. However, the charge time is a little long at 45 minutes. While it will handle best on flat surfaces, this bike will still perform on terrain that is a bit rough.

The bike is made from a combination of plastic and metal. Its tires are rubber so that it won't skid out from under you on turns. It also has guide wires on both sides that will keep it from bottoming out on corners. That makes it a great choice for kids. Adults, however, may want something a little more serious.

For around $29.99, you can't go wrong with this bike!




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Maisto RC Harley Davidson XL

Maisto R/C Harley Davidson XL 1200N Nightster with Rider Radio Control...
  • Approximately 12" long
  • Full-function radio control
  • Requires 4 AA batteries for vehicle & 2 AA batteries for controller (not included)

Everyone wants a Harley. They're the biggest name in motorcycles. This impressive 1:7 scale bike has a basic design. But that's not all that matters. Unlike the previous RC motorcycle we discussed, this one has two extra, smaller, wheels to keep it from falling over. It also features a mini stabilizer.

It may have an uninspired design, but it is solidly constructed from heavy-duty plastic and has rubber wheels. It's meant for kids, so if you have a son or daughter who likes motorcycles, it's a good addition to your collection. Unfortunately, you may or may not feel the $59.99 price tag is justified.




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Kyosho Radio Control Honda

So far we've seen RC motorcycles that are great for kids, but this one's for you. The Kyosho Radio Control Honda NSR500 1:8 scale motorcycle is a bit pricey at $196.86. But who said fun is cheap?

This bike leans into turns like a champ and looks great doing it. The manufacturer made it from durable and quality parts. Additionally, the linkage system moves the rider, which has 13 articulated joints, from side to side as the bike is turning. Plus the bike has a suspension, which is pretty sweet.

It may cost you as much as a monthly payment on some real motorcycles, but it's probably the closest thing you can get to a real one at such a small scale. It's also highly customizable, with will make enthusiasts happy.

If you're looking to treat yourself, you should buy this RC motorcycle.




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Velocity Toys Speed Lighting RC Motorcycle

As you can see from the above video, kids love this machine. The Velocity Toys Speed Lighting RC Motorcycle features bright LED headlights, which is great if your kids like zooming around in the dark. It is two-wheel drive, so it doesn't handle as well as you would hope.

This bike looks very nice for the price, with brightly-accented wheels and rider. Speaking of the rider, he leans realistically into turns. This bike is hard to use at first, but it's a great learning experience for kids who one day want to own a “big boy or girl” RC motorcycle.

For just $33.09, this is an excellent purchase if you want to get your kids into RC motorcycles.

Maisto R/C Cyklone 360 Police RC Motorcycle

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This RC motorcycle looks and feels like something straight out of the future. The Maisto R/C Cyklone 360 Police RC Motorcycle is an impressive stunt motorcycle that will be a lot of fun for your kids, or bring out the kid in you.

The rear wheels twist and turn, allowing you to execute impressive 360-degree spins and other fun stunts. Also, the Cyklone has LED lights that flash while it is in operation, which is sure to please the kids. The operation takes some getting used to, but what's the point in going “extreme” if you're not willing to put in a little work?

At only $29.99, this thing is a steal if you're in the mood for a nontraditional RC motorcycle that will be a lot of fun.

Kyosho Casey Stoner Repsol Honda RC212V Moto GP Bike

Kyosho Casey Stoner Repsol Honda RC212V 2011 Moto GP Bike
  • Fully factory assembled Ready set.
  • Two-wheel vehicle stability combines with realistic finish in 1/18 scale.
  • E-gyro RPM responds to throttle input and realizes stable performance

Once again, we have a bike for you rather than the kids. The 1:8 Kyosho Casey Stoner Repsol Honda RC212V Moto GP Bike is a bit pricey at $116, but don't let that stop you if you need to scratch that itch for a great RC bike.

This bike handles even deep turns like a dream thanks to its front and rear suspension systems as it zooms around. The E-gyro system helps it remain stable and enhances maneuverability even at high speeds. What's more, you can set the E-gyro to your skill level. This RC motorcycle features a USB charger and precision bearings.

It is solidly constructed and has gripping, rubber tires, so you don't have to worry about sending it careening into oblivion. The one major drawback is that it performs best on smooth surfaces. Rough terrain is not this motorcycle's friend.

While kids absolutely can use this, do you want to deprive yourself of something awesome? You work hard. You deserve it.

HAK142 MotoHawk Multi-functional RC Motorcycle

RC Remote Control Three Wheel Roadster Motorcycle with Headlights
  • High Quality Rechargeable Amazing Motorcycle, Futuristic Design & Precise Control
  • Anti-Roll Suspension System, 3 Wheeled Motorcycle. Suitable For Low Carpets & Tile Floor
  • Amazon Prime ships random colors either Orange or Green.

The HAK142 MotoHawk Multi-functional RC Motorcycle is an impressive machine for its price. This three-wheeled beast may not handle corners as well as some other models. But it has a long-lasting battery, giving you around 25 minutes of fun before you need to charge it. However, it can take a few hours to charge.

This bike performs well on tile floor and carpet alike, though it doesn't handle rougher terrain very well. You'll love its anti-roll suspension, which will keep it upright. Plus it has headlights, which is pretty cool. It's slow, but it's also $29.95, which is a decent price for what it is.

Its anti-roll suspension makes it great for indoor use. It's also very durable, which is a huge perk if you have kids. Sure, it's not the most advanced piece of machinery. But kids and adults alike will have a blast with it.




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Xiangtat SKYRC SR5 RC Motocycle

SKYRC SR5 1/4 Scale Super Rider RC Motorcycle Brushless
  • SKYRC SR5 1/4 Scale Super Rider RC Motorcycle Brushless SK-700001 RTR RC Toys

Got some money to blow? The 1:4 Xiangtat SKYRC SR5 RC Motocycle is a great way to blow it if you love RC motorcycles. With a top speed of 36 miles per hour, this thing travels fast enough to earn you a speeding ticket in residential neighborhoods.

It is heavily customizable and durable, and it is amazingly stable even off-road. Its stability system keeps it upright even if it flips or lands on its side.

If you're looking for something that is a lot of fun, this RC motorcycle is where you'll find it. The only downside is the price, which is over $443.99. But once again, who said fun is cheap?




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Which RC Motorcycle is the Best

Image © 3dprint.com

Comparison Table

Which RC Motorcycle is the Best?

When it comes to weeding out through all the options in the RC motorcycle industry, the best remote control motorcycle is the one that best suits your needs. When you consider your needs, you are going to make the right purchase to have fun with. 

There are many choices in RC motorcycles, but the most important factor is which one will be the most fun for you. Whether you're going off-road or merely driving around the living room, you want to make sure that your chosen RC motorcycle can handle everything you throw at it.

It's difficult to say which RC motorcycle is the best. The Xiangtat SKYRC makes a strong showing, but you might find the price offputting no matter how cool it is. The Top Race 4-channel is a good bike for the price, but may not be advanced enough for you. Ultimately, the answer comes down to which bike you like best for the price.

Of course, if you're unsure, you could always buy a few. RC motorcycles can be addictive!

We hope that you have found our list of the best remote control motorcycles to be helpful and informative. Whether it is a birthday party, a holiday gift, or just a toy you want to purchase. You simply cannot go wrong with investing in great remote control motorcycles like and of the ones we have listed above. If you have any of the RC motorcycles we have listed above, let us know below in the comments section what you thought about it.

Wow Wow Wubbzy Games: A Complete Review And Game Tips

wow wow wubbzy games

In Psychology Today, Dr. Peter Gray said that in modern times limiting your child’s use of a computer is like a family of hunter-gatherers restricting their child’s time with a bow — it’s just not a good idea. These days, there’s nothing more important than your child learning their way around a computer. And if that isn’t enough of a reason to allow your child some screen time, you should also know that there are way more benefits than just learning their way around technology. With things like Wow Wow Wubbzy games at your fingertips, helping your child get a leg up has never been simpler.

In today’s article, we are going to highlight how one specific tool, Wow Wow Wubbzy games is one of the best ways to help scaffold your child into understanding the digital world. It’s not just about digital understanding either. The interactive television show Wow Wow Wubbzy, and offshoot video game Wow Wow Wubbzy Games allows your little one to understand important concepts that will work to shape them for the rest of their lives. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the Wow Wow Wubbzy Games that every parent should consider implementing in their child’s life in one aspect or another. 

All About Wow Wow Wubbzy Games

Wow Wow Wubbzy is a television show on Nickelodeon. Wow Wow Wubbzy games are interactive, educational, and, best of all, free games that your kids can play online. They are all about the show, and there are a ton of them to choose from. The titles are all charming, too. Games like Daisy’s Kickity Kick Ball, Wubbzy Gardening, and Wow Wow Wubbzy Blitz, all make an appearance. Today, we are going to dig into a few of the Wow Wow Wubbzy games and learn all about the benefits of each for your child. Additionally, we will also give you some helpful hints and tips, as well as a few ideas for other games.

How video games benefit your child’s development

On top of learning their way around a computer or phone, playing things like Wow Wow Wubbzy games helps your child in other ways. Let’s find out quickly what they are. First, scientists discovered that playing video games does change the structure of the brain — but not in a negative way like you might think. Instead, studies show that video games improve areas of attention like sustained and selective attention. Additionally, other studies showed that video games enhance visuospatial skills. Visuospatial skills are the ability to analyze as well as represent and manipulate objects.

Scientifically, there is nothing quite like beating a challenging level on a video game. The feel-good feeling of winning a game is credited to the release of chemicals in your brain including oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. When these chemicals are released in the brain, you get stuck in a sort of loop that encourages you to chase after it more and more. With helpful tools like positive video games found in Wow Wow Wubbzy Games, your child can literally become addicted to learning and challenging themselves with this educational game. 

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a whole list of cognitive benefits, as well. Cognition is the mental processes involved in learning, knowing, and understanding things. Here are a few cognitive benefits of playing video games:

  • Improved coordination
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills
  • Improves attention and concentration
  • Can improve the speed of the brain
  • Increased multitasking skills
  • Helps enhance social skills

The Wow Wow Wubbzy Universe

Now, after you read this section, your kid is going to think you are awesome. We are going to fill you in on the Wow Wow Wubbzy universe, so you can understand exactly what your child is up to when they play these games and watch the show. First, the show takes place in a town called Wuzzleburg. Wuzzleburg is full of all sorts of interesting characters.

First, we have Widget. Widget is a female pink bunny who is the “busiest builder and fix-it whiz.” Then, we have Walden and Daizy. Walden is a boy and a purple bear, and he knows all sorts of things about science and art. And Daizy is the sweet and shy girl next door who likes to sew and grow flowers, and she is a minty-blue dog. Finally, we have Wubbzy. Wubbzy is the “fun, lovable, and curious little guy,” and he’s a yellow cat. Wubbzy’s favorite thing to say is, “wow, wow, wow!” Wubbzy and his friends have a blast together, and their favorite pastime is “kickity kickball.”

Here’s a list of a few more adorable character names:

  • Buggy
  • Huggy
  • Moo-Moo, the Magician
  • Giant Goo Goo

Where you can play Wow Wow Wubbzy games

There are several places online that you can use a Mac or a PC to play Wow Wow Wubbzy games. In each location, you just click on the title of the game you want. On top of that, there are different games available to play, depending on the site you visit. Here are a few sites where you can find Wow Wow Wubbzy games:

No matter which site you choose, there will be a few ads on the screen. However, the ads mean that you never have to pay a thing to play Wow Wow Wubbzy games — they are totally free. In the review, we will link you to exactly where we went to play each game.

Wow Wow Wubbzy Games for Every Situation

Next, let’s get down to business and find out about some extraordinary Wow Wow Wubbzy games. When you enter any of the sites hosting the games, the first thing you will see is a selection of games set up in a grid. All you have to do is pick your favorite and click on it. Then it’s time to get your game on.

Please note: we noticed a confusing pop-up ad when you enter the games that we want to bring to your attention. When you click on the title of the game, you will go into a new screen. In there, a green box may pop-up that says “start here,” with a list of instructions. Do not click on that. All you have to do is wait for a second and look to the bottom right of the game’s screen. There, you will see the “skip ad,” button the same as they use on YouTube — click that. After that, all you have to do is click the sizeable white arrow to enter the game. There are plenty of onscreen instructions.

Wow Wow Wubbzy Blitz

The first game we will talk about is Wow Wow Wubbzy Blitz that we played at Gamesonlinekids.com. In this game, you use the mousepad or a mouse to control what’s going on. This game has a grid laid out with photos of the characters from the show. The idea is to draw a line as long as you can between photos that match. This game will not only help your child with organization, memory, and pattern recognition but skills using the mouse/mousepad, as well. You can turn off the music, if you want, by clicking the blue square with the bell inside.

Wubbzy Underwater Adventure

Next up on the list is a slightly different game we played on Games-kids.com called Wubbzy Underwater Adventure. In this super-cute game, you play as Wubbzy. This time, the gang discovers that there is a lost city called “Wuzzlantis.” In that city, an evil Snappety Snapfish turned King Troutan and all his people to stone. It’s your job, using a super-submarine 3000 made by Widget, to find King Troutan and save him and his people.

This game opens with some easy-to-follow instructions on which keys to use to move the submarine around. You won’t be using the mouse or mousepad for this game. Instead, to play Wubbzy’s Underwater Adventure, you need to use the arrow keys and the control key. This game is straightforward to navigate, and it’s pretty slow, so your kid won’t get stressed out. You can even go backward in the submarine. This game teaches patience, problem-solving, navigation skills, and proficiency on a keyboard.

Daizy Kickity Kickball

Third on the list is a game we played in Games-kids.com called Daizy Kickity Kickball. We already told you that is the gang’s favorite thing to do. This game is an excellent way for your child to practice with a mouse, too. For this game, you can play as Daizy or Wubbzy — you choose the character before you begin. Then, you don’t play kickball on a field. Instead, you are in a room, and the idea is to place your character under the ball and time the mouse click to jump and hit the ball into the air.

This game will help promote not only skills with the mouse but dexterity as well. It’s easy to navigate, but you have to learn timing to get the ball to fly how you want. Your child will learn coordination while playing these Wow Wow Wubbzy games — and the best part is that they will have no idea that they are learning stuff.

Wubbzy’s Amazing Adventure

Next up, we have Wubbzy’s Amazing Adventure, and we played that on FreePlayGames.net. This game is another excellent way to learn how to use a keyboard because you use the arrow keys and the spacebar this time. There is a block of instruction at the beginning of the game for how to use the keys correctly. For this game, you play as Wubbzy, and you aren’t underwater, but running through fields. The goal is to make your way through the world and collect as many nuts and bolts as you can find. Gameplay is slow and simple and finding your way around is not difficult. On top of the tech skills they will pick up, this game will help your child with coordination and navigation, as well.

Wubbzy Robots

Now we will talk about a super-fun puzzle game called Wubbzy Robots on Gamesonlinekids.com. In this game, you play with Widget. At the beginning of the game, Widget gives clear instructions on how to help her build a robot. Your child will use their mouse or mousepad skills as they click on robot parts to create the machine. It starts as a pile of parts and the black outline of a robot. Please note, you don’t have to hold down on the button to grab a part — just one click on the part and it will pick it up. Then use the mouse to place it where it goes and click again. This game will help your child with planning skills, building skills, and fill them with joy as they build their very own robots with Widget.

Wubbzy Gardening

In the next game, called Wubbzy Gardening on Games-kids.com, your child will learn a few more things besides keyboard skills. You see, in this game, you are helping Wubbzy’s friend Walden grow his garden. Walden has been very busy, and he needs your help to plant the seeds and get things moving again. You click the mouse or the mousepad, and you plant the seeds first. Then, you have to water the seeds before you can pick them and start over. There’s only one catch, though. There is a cow that likes to come and eat your flowers — you have to walk near him to get him to leave them alone. Don’t worry; there’s plenty of instructions at the beginning and throughout the game.

Since Walden grows the flowers according to what season it is, your child will learn about the seasons. They will also learn all about what it takes to make a flower grow. On top of all that, in this game, they must listen to and follow instructions, plan, and multitask as they have to distract the cow. This adorable game is one excellent little package.

The Great Microphone Hunt

Finally, we played the Great Microphone Hunt on Games-kids.com. In this game, you join Daizy at “Wuzzstock,” where the Wuzzgirls are supposed to perform. Something went wrong, however, and when the Wuzzgirls were in the Wuzzclub, they lost their microphones. You can choose to be Daizy or Wubbzy, and it’s your job to find the microphones. That is a super-cool clue game where you enter a room with a lot of paintings. Then, Daizy gives you a clue about which type of painting you need to find. For example, “he was wearing a hat.” You have to pick out each picture that includes the clue. You have to do this three times to find each microphone. This is a great game, and it teaches mouse skills, listening skills, and recognition.

 Other Free Games like Wow Wow Wubbzy

Just in case Wow Wow Wubbzy games aren’t your kid’s style, there are a few other sites with educational type games, as well. Remember, no matter what else, these games help with skills you can’t even see. Here are a few links to check out:

Discover the Joys of Wubbzy and His Pals

Remember when you were a kid and you got your first chewable vitamin? Well, video games are a lot like that. Your kid will think it’s totally awesome that they get to play games. All the while, you as their parent knows that they are actually getting some beneficial stuff while they do so. There are a few more games besides the ones we listed here, including some coloring pages.

All you have to do is visit the pages we shared above, and they are all listed right there. For now, we sincerely hope that you and your kids dig these Wow Wow Wubbzy games. Rest easy knowing you are helping them develop those fantastic brains.

Best Mini RC Cars Buyers’ Guide

Virhuck Scale 2WD Mini RC Truck for Kids

Do you want to get started with remote control cars? Mini RC vehicles provide a fun, cost-effective way of doing so. And the market is vast. From mini rock crawlers and monster trucks to mini coupe racers and formula cars, the best mini RC cars are in the eye of the beholder. You're sure to find one that tickles your fancy.

Racing mini RC cars, or playing around with them in the backyard for that matter, is a fun and inexpensive hobby. Whether getting together with friends or cruising through the house driving your spouse crazy, mini RC cars are fantastic entertainment for any age group. So whether you want to become a pro-grade RC operator, or just want something to do with your kids, mini RC cars are a great way to go.

Best Mini RC Cars: Comparison Table

What Makes the Best Mini RC Cars?

mini RC toy car

Like any purchase, it pays to know what you're looking for. Here are a few things to consider before making your choice.


The difference between a mini RC and a Micro RC is pretty significant. Mini RCs are 1:16 to 1:30 scale cars -- that is, about a quarter of the size of a regular remote control car. Micro RC cars are anything smaller than 1:32 scale cars, or around one-eighth or one-tenth the size of a standard RC car.


The battery is one of the most important aspects to consider when shopping for an RC of any type. This factor will determine the playtime per charge as well as if additional batteries are possible to invest in.

Ease-of-use and controllability

Another critical consideration is controllability. In today’s RC market, several types of controls are popular and available. The most common remote types for the best mini RC cars include a pistol grip, classic, and smartphone apps. Which one do you prefer?

Remote range

The remote range determines how far your car can travel away from the remote controller. And while the best mini RC cars have decent remote range, it isn’t nearly as important of a factor as it is with large RC cars.

Body style

When deciding on a mini RC car, the body style is a matter of personal preference. Unless you're going to be racing, or otherwise operating the mini RC on a competitive level, the body style is more of a statement rather than anything to do with the overall performance of the RC.


Another crucial thing to consider when shopping for one of the best mini RC cars is durability, especially if children will be operating the vehicle.

green trabi mini RC car

Where can I Purchase the Best Mini RC Cars?

Several online shopping venues are popular with mini RC fanatics. These include Amazon, eBay, and hobbytron. You’ll be able to find plenty of beginner, intermediate, and semi-pro equipment through these three retailers. For anything more advanced, check around for a local RC shop and inquire within. You’d probably be surprised with what you find.

The Best Mini RC Cars

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the best mini RC cars. Enjoy!

No products found.
No products found.


Tobeape 4WD Offroad Remote Control Car

Remember the two-set of mini RC cars from Kidirace? Well, you can also buy the same great racing coupes individually. These RCs are excellent for anyone six years old and up.

This 1:43 scale mini RC car from Tobeape comes with 4WD and is entirely off-road capable. Unlike many mini 2.4 GHz RC cars, it comes with dual motors to power through any obstacles that get in the way. Also, the RC comes with independent suspension springs for all four wheels and. High-Quality PVC rubber tires with skid and earthquake resistance. The vehicle’s body consists of high-end materials for a long-lasting life.

No products found.
No products found.


SGOTA RC Car 2.4 GHz 1:43 Mini RC Racing Car

Remember the two-set of mini RC cars from Kidirace? Well, you can also buy the same great racing coupes individually. These RCs are excellent for anyone six years old and up.

SGOTA’s 1:43 scale mini RC is one of the quickest mini RC cars to make our list, clocking in at 15 MPH. This four channel remote control car is built for racing on a smooth and level race track. It comes with inflatable skid resistant tires and an aerodynamic design for even better traction. The car draws power from a 6V 700mAh battery, and it has a remote range of just under 200 feet. This RC, created with excellent off-road capabilities and high durability, is an excellent choice for kids who are just getting into the hobby.


Force1 Mini RC Cars for Kids

Remember the two-set of mini RC cars from Kidirace? Well, you can also buy the same great racing coupes individually. These RCs are excellent for anyone six years old and up.

One of the only mini RC cars specifically for children to grace our list is the Force 1. This mini RC walks upright, performs flips, and allows for double-sided driving as well. It has a 15 minutes long playtime when fully charged, comes with real rubber tires, LED lights, and is available in various colors including red, yellow, green, and a limited edition mystery color. There are currently four available designs, the Rally Cat, Stingray, Typhoon, and Whiplash.

No products found.
No products found.


Shenqiwei 1:58 Coke Can Mini RC Racing Car

Remember the two-set of mini RC cars from Kidirace? Well, you can also buy the same great racing coupes individually. These RCs are excellent for anyone six years old and up.

The 1:58 scale Shenqiwe from Youngstore is one of the smallest cars featured on this list. It is about 2.5 inches wide and 4.75 inches high. The car runs on a built-in battery and comes with a four channel remote with two modes, super light, and high speed. Additional features include taillights and LED headlights that work and a convenient charger built right into the control.

No products found.
No products found.


Virhuck 1/32 Scale 2WD Mini RC Truck for Kids

Remember the two-set of mini RC cars from Kidirace? Well, you can also buy the same great racing coupes individually. These RCs are excellent for anyone six years old and up.

The Virhuck Mini RC truck is 1:32 and is for sure an RC built for kids. The vehicle is 2.2 inches wide and 4.5 inches high and works well inside and outdoors. It even works in mud, pebbles, sand, and grass. This tough little mini RC is made from high-quality PVC, has rubber wheels, and comes with independent suspension springs for each of its wheels. It’s an excellent truck for playing with friends or family, anyplace, anytime.


Fisca Remote Control 4WD Stunt Car

Remember the two-set of mini RC cars from Kidirace? Well, you can also buy the same great racing coupes individually. These RCs are excellent for anyone six years old and up.

Another of this year's best mini RC cars is this little monster truck from Fisca. It comes with two powerful motors, 4WD, elastic tires, and a 2.4 GHz remote control. The RC is capable of doing 360-degree stunts including spinning and flipping. Quick and easy turning, there are few obstacles too perilous for this little bad boy to handle. The truck relies on a 3.7V 400mAh battery for power and has a 15 to 20-minute playtime. Charging takes two hours.


Kidirace Remote Control Car -2 Mini RC Racing Coupe Cars

Remember the two-set of mini RC cars from Kidirace? Well, you can also buy the same great racing coupes individually. These RCs are excellent for anyone six years old and up.

These powerful mini RC cars allow for hours of fun for multiple people. They come with tons of features including rubber tires, 4WD, a built-in shock absorbing system automatic balance and more. It’s the perfect gift for kids or beginners looking for some essential experience in racing mini RC cars. These vehicles come with internal antennas, 2.4 GHz remotes, two chargers, eight AA batteries, and a screwdriver.

No products found.
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AHAHOO RC Car 1:43 Scale 4WD High-Speed 9MPH+

Remember the two-set of mini RC cars from Kidirace? Well, you can also buy the same great racing coupes individually. These RCs are excellent for anyone six years old and up.

Another excellent mini is the 1:43 RC from AHAHOO. This vehicle is capable of top speeds of nearly 10 MPH and has a shockproof and collision resistant body. The care comes with TPR real rubber tires, a full front and back advanced suspension system enable the RC to dominate even on uneven ground. A 2.4 GHz remote with an anti-interference function controls the car from up to 60 meters away. The main battery is a 3.6V 700 mAh, and the remote requires additional AA batteries. Playtime lasts an incredible 25 minutes.


Remote Control Car - Mini Racing Coupe

Remember the two-set of mini RC cars from Kidirace? Well, you can also buy the same great racing coupes individually. These RCs are excellent for anyone six years old and up.

They have nearly a 20 minute play time, smooth operation, real rubber tires, and plenty of power for such a small package. The package includes four AA batteries for the remote as well as a screwdriver. A long-range 2.4 GHz remote control controls the vehicle.


Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car

If you’re looking for the best mini RC cars for your young children, the Prextex pack of two cartoon-based RCs is a perfect choice.

The purchase comes with two remote controlled vehicles and removable police action figures as well. 

Each car and remote has its frequency, that way both cars are operatable with at the same time. The RCs run on three AA batteries, while the remotes require an additional two AA batteries.

But Which is Really the Best Mini RC Car?

red mini RC car

Our pick for the best out of all mini RC cars goes to the SGOTA 1:43 scale mini RC. This thing is a beast, especially for such a little vehicle. It comes with real rubber tires, a long-distance remote, crash resistant materials, a powerful motor, and top speeds of up to 10 MPH. Everything you could ever wish for in one of the best mini RC cars.

Are you an RC fan with a passion for mini RC cars? What did you think about our lineup of the best mini RC cars this year? Have you recently purchased a mini RC car that deserves to be on our list? We'd love to hear all about it in the comments box below.

Happy RCing!

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Best Action Figures for Holiday Gift-Giving

star wars action figure

Buying gifts for friends and family is a joy, especially when you can get them something unique and fun that fits their personality. The best action figures aren’t just toys, and they’re not just for kids anymore, either. You can find a whimsical toy for everyone on your gift list. From classic movies and television shows to celebrities, you’re sure to see an action figure your gift recipient will love.

After all, who doesn’t have a coworker with an action figure — their secret hero, perhaps — hidden somewhere on their desk? You don’t have to be a geek collector to appreciate your favorite celebrity or TV show character immortalized in vinyl. And kids still love them too. The best action figures allow kids, and adults, to imagine themselves in different worlds, playing out adventures and testing their wit and imagination against unforeseen obstacles

The Hottest and Best Action Figures for Gifting

Every year, the toy industry comes up with a wide range of new and exciting products, especially action figures. Collecting toys has been a favorite hobby for over 100 years, starting with old train sets, moving into tin wind-up toys, and then into the space age with model rockets and model cars. The digital age has brought us a host of collectible Tamagotchis and Pokemon – of which one must collect all. The explosion of CGI-laden superhero movies and popular entertainment franchises has meant billions in toy sales from adoring fans.

Best Action Figures from Movies

The top movie hits have inspired a wide range of collectibles and action figures. Following is the latest crop of the hottest and best action figures you’ll find on the store shelves this year. Some are for kids, and some are for adults, and some are just for fun. In any case, they make great gifts and stocking stuffers.

  • Deadpool

With the release of "Deadpool 2" in May 2108, this not-safe-for-work comic book character is still a fan favorite for adults. You’ll find Deadpool action figures in several scales and levels of quality.

  • Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Deadpool

The movie isn’t for kids, but this 6-inch scale Deadpool is safe for ages 4 and up. It features a ‘90s era design, reminiscent of Teenage Ninja Turtles, and is the perfect size for slipping into a holiday stocking. 

  • Marvel Legends Series 12-inch Deadpool

For a more substantial action figure, this Deadpool Marvel Legends action figure comes in 1:6 scale and features some great accessories. Along with the katana, Deadpool also has a display stand, extra hands, knives, and a burrito. 

  • NECA Marvel Classics Deadpool

For the discerning Deadpool fan on your gift list, this 1:4 scale model is 18-inches tall and has over 30 points of articulation. The artistry and sculpt in this model is simply stunning. The included accessories are also finely molded and include katanas, machine guns, pistols, and extra hands. 

  • Incredibles

June 2018 saw the release of "Incredibles 2," with all the awesome merch poised for market domination. This action figures will tickle kids and parents alike.

  • Incredibles 2 Power Couple

The 1:6 Incredibles “Power Couple” are putting the action back into action figures. Mr. Incredible uses his superhero strength to send Elastagirl (Mrs. Incredible) into the fray like a slingshot with his lockable arms. The 45 sounds include the character voices

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

It seems shocking, but 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton’s "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Who would have thought back in 1993 that this quirky and dark little movie would become a holiday classic that has stood the test of time? To honor this milestone, Diamond Select has issued a series of action figures of Jack, Sally, the Mayor, the Pumpkin King, and other favorite characters.

  • Silver Anniversary Jack Action Figure

At 10-inches tall, Jack stands out at a unique scale. However, he’s fully articulated and fully costumed. You can pose him in several positions along with his accessories. Jack comes with a podium, packaged in a coffin-shaped window box.

  • Silver Anniversary Sally Action Figure

Sally is stirring up trouble with her cauldron. Or maybe she'll just sit there on the shelf looking awesome. For devoted "Nightmare" fans, this set makes the best action figures for gifting this Halloween or Christmas.

  • Star Wars

Probably the most merchandised franchise of all time, Star Wars toys are some of the best action figures for new collectors. And kids seem to love them, too.

  • Star Wars FurReal Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie

Is he a doll? A plush toy? An action figure? Who cares? He’s fantastic, and your kid is going to love this 16-inch interactive Wookie toy. This little guy is the ultimate sidekick for any Star Wars fan. With over 100 sound and action combinations, he speaks in Wookie and responds with hilarious facial expressions. He even trills and purrs when he’s happy. They gelled Chewie’s hair into place, so he’ll make a good impression on his new partner. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to travel well.

  • Star Wars, Rey, The Black Series, Episode 8

The Black Series features some of the best action figures for Star Wars fans, with its 6-inch scale and realistic sculpt. Best of all, the series features characters for every generation of fan, from old-school Empire Strikes Back figures to 2017's "The Last Jedi." This detailed action figure features Rey during her Jedi training. Accessories include her lightsaber, staff, and pistol. 

  • Star Wars, Rey, The Black Series, Episode 8

You can also choose Kylo Ren, with his distinctive “dark side” lightsaber. 

Best Action Figures from Video Games

Over the last 40 years, video gaming has changed American culture. Once, world-building was the purview of movies and books, but nothing lets you explore incredible new worlds like video gaming. Game characters have increasingly entered the toy market as well as populating movies and television shows. Here are some of the best action figures topping the list this year.

  • "Call of Duty" Action Figures from MacFarlane Toys

Known for their high-quality figures and realistic sculpts, MacFarlane made sure these action figures from "Call of Duty" would be cherished by every fan. Newly released for 2018, these three action figures are sure to appear on many wish lists.

  • Donny “Ruin” Walsh

With 14 points of articulation, this 7-inch action figure of character Donny Walsh includes his gravity slam weapon.

  • John "Soap" MacTavish

With his AK-47, John “Soap” MacTavish answers the Call of Duty in fantastic detail for this 7-inch scale.

  • Simon "Ghost" Riley

Last, but certainly not least, with his M-4 assault rifle, Simon “Ghost” Riley finishes up this extraordinary line-up of some of the best action figures coming out this year.

  • God of War, Kratos 7-inch Action Figure

God of War is a long-running video game based on action and mythology. This beautifully crafted Kratos action figure from the game features impressive detail. With 36 points of articulation, this action figure comes with a dagger, Leviathan ax, and shield.

Best Action Figures from Funko Pop

Some might argue that the vinyl figures from Funko aren’t true “action figures.” But, we’re going to ignore that, because they’re just so much fun. 

Funko’s motto is: “Everybody is a fan of something.” And that’s so true. Keep in mind that some of your friends and family might not be into comic book and sci-fi movies. So, turn to Funko Pop for vinyl action figures that are sure to surprise and delight music and sports fans, too.

  • Prince

Yes. Prince. The Purple One. His Royal Badness. Funko is immortalizing Prince in vinyl in several of his many creative incarnations.

  • Prince - 3rd Eye Girl

Named for his all-girl backup band, Prince appears as a mystical figure with his third-eye sunglasses, red and yellow guitar, and gold lame outfit. 

  • Prince - Around The World in a Day

With his cloud-print suit from the official video for "Raspberry Beret," this cute Funko Pop figure is perfect for any Prince fan.

  • Prince - Purple Rain

With his purple smock coat and “Purple Rain” curls, Prince holds his graceful white guitar from the movie that changed the world of music.

  • Star Wars Holiday Pops

If you’ve ever seen the Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978, the idea of Star Wars Christmas Pops may horrify you. But these adorable vinyl action figures are just too cute for anyone to hold a grudge.

  • R2D2 with antlers

R2D2 is decked for holiday fun with a set of antlers and red and green Christmas lights.

  • Chewie with lights

Chewbacca seems to have gotten tangled up in the tree light strings.

  • Darth Vader with candy cane

Even Darth Vader is in the spirit of the season, holding a candy cane.

  • Cute but Deadly "World of Warcraft"

No one can accuse Funko Pop of lacking a sense of humor. Their Cute But Deadly take on the "World of Warcraft" has turned everyone’s favorite online role-playing game into something simply adorable.

  • Torbjorn

Known for his weapon design skills, Pop! Technology has rendered this dangerous WoW character into something less threatening.

  • Malto

There’s just something about white-bearded sage wizards that connects with fantasy fans and gamers alike. The Funko Pop version of this arcane expert will get a smile from any "World of Warcraft" fan.

  • NFL Funko Pops

Sports fans are sure to love Funko Pop action figures of their football heroes. Choose from Terry Bradshaw of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears, Deion Sanders of the Dallas Cowboys, and many more.

What Are Action Figures?

The toy company, Hasbro, invented the term “action figure” when it released the G.I. Joe line of toys. They felt that if they used the word “doll” to describe this rough-and-tumble fictional hero, boys wouldn’t want to own one. Since that time, the term “action figures” is used to classify any doll marketed to males.

The term is also used to describe a certain kind of doll – one that represents a specific character or person – real or fictional. Some specialists differentiate dolls from action figures by the type of hair and clothing. In this case, action figures usually have movable limbs and molded plastic hair and clothing. By this definition, dolls have real or synthetic hair and fabric clothing that you can remove or change.

However, because of the explosion of mainstream popularity of action figures, the term has expanded to include any manufactured figure of a character or person. It could be molded entirely from vinyl, like the line of Funko Pop figures.

Or it could mean the highest quality and best action figures, which are carefully sculpted by artists to look like the real person or the actor who plays that character. And while you’ll find many inexpensive action figures suitable for children’s play, you’ll also see some that are works of art in their own right.

What Kinds of Action Figures Are There?

When shopping for action figures, you should understand a bit about how they’re quantified and graded. While some action figures are children’s toys, there are others considered art. Most serious collectors keep these protected in a display case.

The problem with purchasing action figures for a collector is knowing what scale and franchises they collect. While you won’t find an industry standard for quality, at least you can shop by scale.


Scale is the ratio of measurements comparing the doll to a real-life human figure. Thankfully, the toy industry has set dimensions for scale that apply to nearly all action figures.

One-Quarter (1:4), 18-inch: Although these technically could be called dolls, this scale is commonly used for display and collector-quality action figures.

One-Sixth (1:6), 12-inch: This is the traditional size for the best action figures, which includes the G.I. Joe line and the Barbie doll line. Manufacturers issued the Star Wars action figures in 12” scale, too.

One-Tenth (1:10), 7-inch: Currently, the 7-inch scale is the most popular size for collectors, although it's not a favorite with children.

One-Twelfth (1:12), 5 to 6 inches: Not as popular today as they were in the 1990s, you may find a few rare action figures of this scale if you’re shopping for someone who collects rare or obscure toys.

One-Eighteenth (1:18), 3.75 to 4 inches: Because of their low-cost, the 4-inch action figure is the most popular for children's toys. The low cost means that parents can afford more figures for kids who want to recreate their favorite comics and movies with the full cast.

One-Forty-Eighth (1:48), 2 inches: This scale has recently become popular thanks mainly to LEGO and their “minifigs.” Mega Blocks also issues tiny figures for their building playsets of this scale.

Choosing the Best Action Figures to Gift

Whether you’re shopping for a child or an adult, the toy industry provides new and exciting new action figures every year to choose from. When shopping, take a few minutes to consider what characters or franchise the recipient relates to most strongly. Do they have a favorite character or someone they admire?

Serious collectors on your list will favor one franchise over another. They may also be working on a particular set in one scale from one timeframe. So, it never hurts to do some discreet snooping.

Action figures make great gifts, whether the recipient chooses to play with them every day or sets them on the shelf just to look cool. Which action figures are your favorites? Do you collect them or are they meant as toys? Let us know in the comments below.

Off Road RC Cars: 10 Of The Best Products

Black RC car on a dirt

If you’re into remote controlled vehicles, investing in off-road RC cars can be highly satisfying. The best off-road RC cars are capable of smoothly ascending rock piles, splashing through muddle puddles, and generally dominating the dirt. From monster trucks to rock crawlers, the off-road RC cars of today are extremely impressive.

Selecting adequate off-road RC cars is quite the challenging experience, especially for those just getting into the hobby. There are numerous aspects to take into consideration when purchasing an off-road RC car, including body style, suspension system, tire size and quality, number and type of motors, 4x4 capabilities, and more.

Off-Road RC Cars Buyer's Guide — The Best of 2018

​Image by István Berta from Pixabay

​Off-Road RC Cars

Remote control cars first came out in the 1960s, and first hit the united states in the 1970s. The 4x4 capability found in today’s radio-controlled vehicles first appeared on the market during the 1980s. Since then, they have steadily become an enjoyable and affordable hobby for RC enthusiasts all over the world.

Off-road RC cars are one of the most beloved forms of remote controlled vehicles with RC fans. Not only do they have top speeds comparable to racing RCs, but they can go virtually anywhere. They’re the perfect sort of RC car to invest in for children, too, because they tend to consist of heavy-duty materials.

​FAQs About Off-Road RC Cars

​To help better inform you about off-road RC cars, here are some of the most frequently asked questions consumers had before purchasing an off-road RC car.

​How many different types of off-road RC cars are there?

​What sort of motors do off-road RC cars use?

​What are temperatures safe for most off-road RC cars?

​What to Look for in an Off-Road RC Car

​Any major purchasing decision is a matter of great importance and knowing all you can about any given item you may potentially buy is crucial. Here are a few of the most common aspects to take into consideration before making a purchase.







​The Best Off-Road RC Cars of 2018

​Here are the best off-road RC cars to get your hands on in 2018. You’ll find a product summary including features, functions, ratings, prices, and warranty options (if available) for each item.

No products found.

This bad boy is capable of up to 26 miles per hour on all terrain. It comes with a great shockproof suspension and a long-lasting, high-output 9.6V rechargeable battery. It’s made of child-friendly materials and has a unique off-road color theme. This RC is perfect for anyone interested in getting involved with racing off-road RC cars.

Blexy RC Car Off-Road Rock Crawler 2.4Ghz 4WD Remote Control Vehicle...
  • Amazing off-road ability, four wheels drive make the remote control vehicle Easy to complete difficult moves. Perfect...
  • Four wheels independent suspension spring makes the off road Crawler more flexible and shockproof function could better...
  • Durable and fun, rubber tires are made of high quality PVC material, soft and elastic could be adjusted based on the...

This off-roader is capable of operating in multiple environments including dirt, sand, beach, grass, pebbles, rocks, grass, wetlands, mud, and more. Playtime lasts for a full 30 minutes, which is three times as long as some RCs. Its battery charges in approximately four hours. A 2.4 GHz remote controls the truck.

No products found.

The highly durable DOUBLE E is an excellent choice for an off-road RC truck. It comes with all the right stuff for superior off-roading fun including 4WD, rock crawling suspension, dual motors for extra torque, and a high-capacity 6V 800 mAh battery. Its nice aesthetics will please even the toughest RC fanatics. The truck has a 2.4 GHz remote control with a 260-foot range.

No products found.

Blex’s 360 Degree shock-proof off-road RC is the only stunt class remote-controlled vehicle to make our list. It is also the only amphibious RC car on our list. The vehicle is capable of spins, flips, and has a remote distance of up to approximately 200 feet on land — and 100 feet on the water. The top speed of this RC is around 12 miles per hour thanks to four independent wheels and a powerful motor. Also, the car is done-up with fade-proof aesthetics.

No products found.

The Fitmaker All-Terrain RC car is as impressive on gravel, rocks, and in mud puddles, as it is on tiles, carpet, and cement. This desert buggy has a 2.4 GHz pistol grip style remote and comes with state-of-the-art ABS brakes and real rubber tires. It is powered by anti-interface tech including a 390 motor and overheating protection. The Fitmaker All-Terrain RC car is capable of speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. It comes with 700mAh replaceable batteries.

Big Wheel Beast RC Monster Truck Remote Control Doors Opening Car...
  • FULL FUNCTION CONTROL: The Vokodo RC Pickup Truck moves forward, backward, turns left and right. Truck comes ready to...
  • LED HEADLIGHTS (RECHARGEABLE BATTERY): The truck is equipped with LED headlights which light up while its being driven....
  • REALISTIC AND DURABLE: The truck is crafted with realistic features and is durably built to withstand endless hours of...

One of the most aesthetically pleasing and modestly powerful off-road RC trucks featured on our list is the Big Wheel Beast. This sweet monster truck comes with LED headlights, opening doors, high-grade rubber tires, and adjustable front wheel drive. The monster truck works with a Ni-CD AA600mAh 6V battery and the 2.4 GHz remote control works with two replaceable AA batteries.

This truck comes with a 30 day 100 percent money back guarantee thanks to the Amazon’s 30-day fulfillment agreement.

No products found.

The hobby grade 4x4 by GPTOYS is perfect for beginner to intermediate level RC operators. It is capable of speeds of up to 16 miles per hour thanks to a powerful motor, and high-quality components included metal ball bearings and a metal differential gear. The RC’s 2.4 GHz remote control works up to 260 feet away. The truck also comes with a set of pro-style decals so that you can customize its look.

Blexy RC Car Off-Road Rock Crawler 2.4Ghz 4WD Remote Control Vehicle...
  • Amazing off-road ability, four wheels drive make the remote control vehicle Easy to complete difficult moves. Perfect...
  • Four wheels independent suspension spring makes the off road Crawler more flexible and shockproof function could better...
  • Durable and fun, rubber tires are made of high quality PVC material, soft and elastic could be adjusted based on the...

Another RC truck that gives you a lot of bang for your buck is Blexy RC Car Rock Climber racing truck. This SUV-type RC comes with a 2.4 GHz remote with a 230 feet range and anti-interference technology. It has a massive amount of torque for its class of remote-controlled car, along with full 4WD and high-quality components. The truck uses a 6V 700 mAh battery and requires around two hours of a charge for 25 minutes of playtime.

VATOS 1/12 RC Truks Off Road Remote Control Cars Rechargable 2.4GHz...
  • 2WD RC ALL TERRAIN OFFROAD REMOTE CONTROL CAR - Fast speed and good performance 1/12 rc truck to play in all terrains,...
  • 4 INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION & SHOCKPROOF RC TERRIAN CAR, 2.4 GHz CONTROL SYSTEM - Four Wheel independent suspension system...
  • FAST SPEED DESERT TRUCK & HIGHT CAPACITY BATTERY - With powerful moter and realistic-looking rubber tires, the maximum...

One of the only off-road RC cars without 4x4 capabilities to grace our list is the VATOS RC Car. If you are looking for an RC to train on, or one that your children can learn on, they don't get much better than this. From an affordable price to high-speed anti-collision and beat resistance, this RC is built for taking off-road abuse. One downside to the vehicle is that its top speed is only approximately 10 miles per hour.

RC Cars KOOWHEEL 1:16 Scale 2WD Off Road Remote Control Cars with 2...
  • Realistic Desert Buggy: 1:16 Scale, Independent suspension, all terrain in your control, this rc remote control car...
  • 2.4 GHz Remote Control: strong anti-interference, which enable multiple cars to racing together at the same time and...
  • Double Time Double Fun: Koowheel cars come with 2 batteries, could support the power for the engine reach top speed of...

This little desert buggy off-road RC is capable of 12 miles per hour and comes with all-terrain suspension and sturdy tires. It comes with a powerful motor and has a playtime of approximately 15 minutes when fully charged. The remote control is 2.4 GHz and runs on AA batteries. The buggy operates in the dirt, and in cement, sand, grass, and more.

This buggy RC comes with a 30-day guarantee for a refund or exchange. In the United States, you get free repairs and accessory replacements for up to 365 days.

​The Best of the Best Off-Road RC Cars

RC truck on a pile of dirt

​Image via Pixabay

The best affordable off-road RC car for dirt racing in 2018 is the GPTOYS off-road monster, capable of going 26 miles per hour and fully operational on multiple off-road terrain types. When it comes to climbing snow banks and splashing through mud puddles, however, the number one RC to purchase in 2018 is the DOUBLE RC monster truck.

Have you recently purchased one of the off-road RC cars from our list? Or perhaps you own one you’d like to suggest to someone who's considering buying an off-road RC car? Feel free to drop us a line in the comments section below!