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​What are the best toys for girls? That can be a contentious subject for several reasons. First, every girl has her own taste. Also, let’s face it: some toys aren't gender-specific, nor should they be. Finally, there's no reason boys can't enjoy these toys as well. Still, lots of people think about "girl toys" and "boy toys." So, armed with this understanding, we’ve compiled a list of the best toys for girls that any girl from ages two and up might enjoy.

​What Are Toys For Girls?

Toys for girls are any toys that a girl might like, from Barbie's Dreamhouse to musical instruments. No matter what your girl is into, you can get her the toys she enjoys, and which encourage her to learn new things as well. And if you buy her a wide array of toys, she can become a well-rounded individual with many different interests.

You can find toys for girls at many online retailers like Amazon or Overstock, and in stores such as Target or Walmart. Depending on the type of toy, you may even find them at stores that sell electronics like Best Buy, and always on the manufacturer's website.

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​The Best Toys for Girls

​You know your girl the best. This means you’re the best judge of which toys suit her and her interests. Here’s a list of what we think are the ten best toys for girls.

​Barbie's Dreamhouse

Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Pool, Slide and Elevator
  • ​Measuring an impressive 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide and featuring 3 stories, 8 rooms, all angle play, a working...
  • ​Dreamy features include the working elevator with room for 4 dolls, a new home office, A carport and a second-story...
  • ​Lights and sounds add realistic touches and encourage role-play: place the frying pan on the stove and press for a...

​Many little girls go through a Barbie phase. And this phase includes not only the dolls, but also their clothes, cars, and houses. Barbie's Dreamhouse is a sizable toy, so make sure you have room for it. However, it’s a fantastic toy to encourage imaginative play. Barbie’s living space developed into the spacious and luxurious quarters it is today through decades of iterations and study. She now has an elevator, a pool, a TV, pets, food, and storage.

Barbie dolls encourage girls to use their imaginations, as well as to develop relationship skills. Other benefits include honing fine motor skills, refining problem-solving skills, and increasing language skills.

What’s not to love? There are only a couple of things worth complaining about in the latest Barbie Dreamhouse. First, sometimes the elevator or the garage door gets stuck. Also, if you choose to attach the pool, it makes a rather large footprint on an already massive dollhouse.

​Buffalo Games Skee-Ball

Buffalo Games - Skee-Ball
  • Officially licensed - this is the officially licensed table top skee-ball game
  • On-the-go portability - now you can play skee-ball anywhere with the easy fold-n-go game board
  • Includes - the skee-ball game board, 5 solid wooden skee-balls, score pad and game rules including several variation of...

Skeeball helps kids develop aim, coordination, and other skills that can help them in sports and other activities. Kids eight years old and older can enjoy Buffalo Games Skee Ball, but it’s also a traditional arcade game that will have even the adults playing along.

Setup is fast. The design helps kids from having to chase the ball as it rolls away, and the wooden exterior, as well as the wooden balls, look very high quality. It looks just like the game in the arcade.

The balls are lightweight enough for even small kids to throw, and they can play alone, head to head, or on a team. It comes with a dictionary of Skee Ball terms and variations of play so you can mix it up.

Skee Ball is a nostalgic toy that many parents will remember from their own youth. It fosters a sense of friendly competition and takes concentration, aim, and skill. It also folds up and stores easily. 

​Sarah, Plain and Tall: the novel

Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan
  • Patricia MacLachlan (Author)
  • Signet (Publisher)

Sarah, Plain, and Tall isn't a toy, but a book that many parents may remember from their own childhoods. This historical novel, written in 1986, took off in popularity in 1991 after Hallmark adapted a movie after it. It won three awards in 1986: the Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction, the Golden Kite Award, and the prestigious Newberry Medal.

This story explores loss, love, and abandonment. Most of all, it teaches young girls independence. It shows them that sometimes it’s ok to take chances, not knowing where it might take you. 

​Think & Learn Rocktopus

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Rocktopus
  • 15 musical instruments, 5 musical styles, 3 ways to play—1 rocking toy!
  • 3 play modes: Math, Music, and Game
  • Rocktopus responds to every musical instrument as kids insert or tap them, helping guide them through game play

The Think & Learn Rocktopus is one of the best toys for girls aged three to six. It comes with fifteen musical instruments, five musical styles, and three ways to play.

The Rocktopus enhances both the left and right brain with music, math, and games. It also teaches kids about patterns, counting, and more. Young girls ages 36 months to 6 years can enjoy the beat, preschoolers can practice math, and girls of any age can simply have fun with the fast-paced games.

Parents can download the free app to watch their child compose music and create videos to go along with the songs. The benefits of the Rocktopus include early math skills like addition, subtraction, and patterns. It promotes imagination by expanding their musical vocabulary. 

​LEGO Unikitty Unikingdom Fairground Fun

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This is a Lego building toy aimed at children aged seven through twelve. It features Unikitty, a character from the Lego movie. She also has her own TV series, and, yes, her own line of toys. This is one of the bigger sets in the Unikitty line of toys because it comes with three rides and six characters. This is one of the best toys for girls ages 4 to 12 because of the fun possibilities it holds. Not all of the characters fit in all of the rides, but everyone has the opportunity to ride something. 

​Nintendo Switch

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With all of the hype surrounding the release of Nintendo's new convertible game console/portable player, it’s hard not to be skeptical. But if your girl likes video games and you can’t decide on a TV-based console or a portable, the Ni​​ntendo Switch gives you the best of both worlds. You can play multi-player on the TV by placing the console in its dock, or you can play single-player on the portable console. One thing you may not know is that you can also play multi-player on the console by using the kickstand on the back.

The Nintendo Switch brings a new level of gaming to your travels with compact controllers, but adults with big hands may feel constrained. The handheld console and its games are all self-contained, so you don’t have to worry about being within the range of the docking station to play independently of the TV.

Video games provide an excellent way to increase hand-eye coordination, and there are a wide variety of appropriate games for kids of all ages. Girls can join in the fun with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or Splatoon 2. While they need to release more mainstream titles, there are plenty to get you started.

​Razor ​Scooters

Razor A3 Kick Scooter - Red - FFP
  • Authentic Razor scooter with larger urethane wheelsfor a smoother ride
  • The front vibration dampening suspension system makes the ride even smoother
  • Top quality aluminum construction that is lightweight yet durable

People of all ages love Razor scooters. The Razor brand tops the list of scooters as far as longevity, quality, and flawless riding. If your girl wants a riding toy, this one is the cream of the crop. Razor pioneers scooters with the latest technology, remaining on the leading edge of scooter development. They have a variety of styles and models to choose from, making them the leading manufacturer of scooters for girls, boys, and adults.

Their durability is beyond compare, but the price is steep. Razor devotes time and money to their research and development, bringing the best scooters to market that money can buy. You won’t go wrong if you choose to spring for one of these toys for girls. 

​Play ​Kitchens

KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Wooden Play Kitchen with Washer,...
  • Innovative corner design
  • Includes 4 accessory pieces
  • Working doors on washer, oven, microwave, refrigerator and freezer

Play kitchen​​s have been among the most popular toys for girls for decades. Many girls two to nine love to play kitchen, and much like the Barbie Dreamhouse, play kitchens foster imagination and real-life skills. Boys can get on board, too.

Play kitchens teach kids useful skills like sharing, working as a team, and organization. You can also show your little ones how to operate a cash register, run a restaurant, or go grocery shopping. Play kitchens offer some of the best toys for girls when it comes to teaching lifelong skills to ages two to eight. 

​Musical ​Instruments

Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone
  • Classic, baby-favorite musical pull toy!
  • Baby uses the tethered mallet to tap on the 8 colorful keys
  • Pull string and easy-rolling wheels let toddlers pull it along anywhere

Musical instruments provide countless benefits for children. She'll learn a new skill. She may enhance her brain development. She will almost certainly improve her coordination and rhythm. It may even help her to learn to read music.

It's also a great way for your child to get her feet wet with a specific instrument. If she likes it, you can always upgrade to a better quality instrument later. It’s one of the more expensive toys for girls, but you can’t put a price tag on culture, skill, musical exploration, or joy.

You can find toy instruments for children of all ages and interest levels. From Fisher Price's baby xylophone pull toy to a real half-size Hohner guitar for older kids, musical instruments make terrific gifts. 

​Fads and ​Novelties

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, Mermal Magic 12 Pack Egg Carton with Season...
  • 12 COLOR-CHANGING HATCHIMALS: The 12-Pack Egg Carton is the fastest way to start your collection of Mermals...
  • HOW TO HATCH: There are 10 in-egg and 2 out-of-egg Hatchimals for you to discover! Using your love and care, hold each...
  • STACKABLE EGG CARTON CASE: The blue egg carton case is the prettiest way to display, play and carry your Hatchimals!...

From Hatchimals to LOL dolls to Fingerlings, your girl has probably talked about some new toy that all of her friends have. Fads and novelty toys are often wildly overpriced. Often, they're in such demand that you can hardly find them anywhere, especially at Christmas time.

Is it worth the hassle to buy your child this year's "it" toy? She'll be the envy of her friends for a little while. There's also the look of excitement on her face as she unwraps it. The downside is that you might end up spending a fortune on a really cheap toy that she may quickly discard. So choose carefully.

​The Verdict

girl holding a toy horse

​Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

​Toys for girls don't have to be limited to pink princesses and toy appliances. Of course, plenty of kids love these kinds of toys. If yours does, too, then you'll find a good selection. Neither do toys for girls need to cost an arm and a leg. The market today has a wide variety of toys to encourage learning, imagination, and social play. The only limit is your -- and your child's -- imagination.

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